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If you’re considering using plastic containers in your store for displaying edible items like candy or trail mix or non-edible merchandise like key chains or matchbooks,Guest Posting get familiar with some of the most popular kinds of containers – not because you want to use what everyone else is using, but because everyone else is using them for a reason! Knowing about these containers will help you choose which ones will work best for the merchandise you want to display as well as the space you have to work with.

Round and Fish Bowl

The words “round” and “fish bowl” are often used to describe the same kind of sphere-shaped plastic container, and these containers are perhaps the most common – and popular – of them all.

Keep in mind that the uses for fish bowl and round plastic containers go beyond the traditional retail business. For example, if you manage a pet store, you can use these containers to hold actual fish, as well as merchandise like collars designed for small dogs, sample packets of wipes designed to clean your pet when you’re on the go, and even special treats. These round or fish bowl containers are also great for amusement parks, where they can hold fish offered as prizes, ticket stubs, tokens, and other small trinkets for sale or to win.

Plastic containers shaped like spheres aren’t the best choices for saving space, so make sure you choose containers in sizes suitable for the space you have to work with. For example, if you have limited countertop space, it might work best if you only use one large round container or two or three small fish bowl containers.

Square and Rectangle

People sometimes use the words “square” and “rectangle” interchangeably to describe a plastic container with four flat sides, but generally a container with four flat sides of even widths and heights are better described as a square plastic container, while a container with four flat sides with uneven widths and heights are better described as rectangle plastic containers.

In square and rectangle containers, you can display anything that’s small enough to fit inside; however, as is the case with round containers, it’s best to choose items that aren’t extremely differently shaped than the containers themselves. For example, gumballs wouldn’t be the best merchandise choice for square plastic containers.

One of the best features of square and rectangle containers is their space-saving ability. You can place these containers side-by-side and back-to-back with virtually no room in between. Storeowners who have little display rack or countertop space to work with greatly benefit from containers shaped like squares and rectangles.


If you could blend round and square containers, hexagon plastic containers would be the result. Hexagon containers both save and take up space; they’re similar to sphere containers in that they can’t sit exactly side-by side, but they’re also similar to square plastic containers because you can position them back-to-back.

And, just like you’d expect from the offspring of round and square containers, these containers are ideal for nearly every kind of merchandise small enough to fit in them.

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