3 T-Shirt Brands that Make a Difference

Feb 24


Jacob Lips

Jacob Lips

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Climate change is a problem for years.


Greta Thunberg has become the most popular environmental activist in the last few months. However, 3 T-Shirt Brands that Make a Difference Articles the Swedish teenager was disappointed because it was not the popularity she wanted. She wanted action against global climate change. As of now, “basically nothing” has been done to reduce carbon emissions, she said.

Climate change has been a problem for years. There also have been many environmental activists lobbying for legislation focused on environment-friendly practices. But a 17-year-old’s voice came out louder than most in the last half of 2019, spurring many climate change rallies around the world. 

Climate change is real and some brands are really working to integrate environmental messages into their products. Among the popular products that carry the message of taking care of the environment is the T-shirt. Everybody wears T-shirts so it makes sense that brands use it to send a message. Some brands take the opportunity to hit two birds with one stone: talk about climate change and earn profit from it. Even if the goal is not 100% altruistic, it is still great that some companies take a stand. That is better than some world leaders who refuse to acknowledge the ill effects of climate change.


Here are three T-shirt brands that want to make a difference in the environment:


Manakin Dance

This is a company that is really focused on educating people about the plant and nature’s wonders. In fact, Manakin Dance is named after a beautiful small bird known as blue manakin. It is found in parts of South American countries Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. The males are known to sing and dance in a mating ritual. Not a lot of people know blue manakin. It is the company’s desire to make people be more aware of things that used to be alien to them through issues, which are bigger than individual species: climate change, animal trafficking, and habitat destruction. For every Manakin Dance product purchased, 10% of the profits will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund. 

The brand’s T-shirt line is for everybody. There are designs for men, women, and children. The entire family can wear a Manakin Dance T-shirt that carries messages like “I Choose You” and “I Am Change.” A lot of the T-shirts also have animals on them like the jaguar, which is considered a nearly threatened species; panda, which is considered a vulnerable species, and gorilla, which is critically endangered. 


Alternative Apparel

This brand states: “Always striving to do more to lessen our impact.” Alternative Apparel is in the business of creating environment-friendly yet fashion-forward clothing. Fashion is among the top users of water across all industries. Alternative, on the other hand, is committed to using 60% less water. The raw materials used in every Alternative product are also 80% of sustainable materials. The production process is also said to be eco-friendly. 

Among its famous products are the women’s pink recycled cotton T-shirt and men’s recycled cotton Henley. The brand prides itself on making products that are soft, simple, and sustainable. 



This brand is focused on producing T-shirts through an eco-friendly manufacturing process. Bella+Canvas facilities run on solar power. Every unused material, like the small fabrics that had to be cut off from a T-shirt, will be recycled. Bella+Canvas is also committed to using seven times less water than regular fashion houses. 

The brand makes standard crewneck T-shirts as well as fashion-forward items. There are also plain tees that you can use for customizable prints if you want to put out your own message out there about taking care of the environment.

It is really time for people to be more conscious about the products that they buy and wear. Try to find brands that have environment-friendly practices. Start with these three brands of T-shirts.