5 Easy Steps to make the BIM Services a successful and result-oriented project.

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 We are in the era of the 21st century, where all major AEC companies or stakeholders want the delivery of their work effectively, efficiently, and in a smarter way. Well, this is indeed one of the tall orders. Today we will be talking about the BIM Services in this article and would know what are the easiest and most successful ways of getting the BIM projects a successful venture.

We are in the era of the 21st century,Guest Posting where all major AEC companies or stakeholders want the delivery of their work effectively, efficiently, and in a smarter way. Well, this is indeed one of the tall orders. Today we will be talking about the BIM Services in this article and would know what are the easiest and most successful ways of getting the BIM projects a successful venture.

To meet the demand for the work and to get the better result and that also with less time, the AEC leaders are moving towards the Building information modeling services. BIM process is far much more than just a 3D visualization of the drawings rather it is the process that assists in creating and managing the complete building process from its start to its end. The process of BIM allows the 3D problems that can be solved with the help of 3D tools, rather than investing energy in working out the 3D problems in the 2D tools. It is the complete digital way of measures that can be considered twice and can be cut at once.


Using powerful and useful tools of CAD programs, the amount of work becomes easy. It can be that with the help of these tools you can easily get access to seamless communication tactics and can have the proper update of the actual project. The entire process of BIM is to make the design-build collaboration easier and faster between different members who are working on the project.


Well, now according to the studies, it would not at all be wrong in saying that approx 71% of the architects, engineers, owners, contractors, etc are using the option of BIM to make their project a success and worth investing.


 A successful implementation of BIM services makes a lot of difference. This is related to the saving of time, reducing errors of wastage, expanding the possibilities of exploring the designs and much more. It is also considered to be a successful requirement for the clients, investors, and government-funded projects too. With this said, let us proceed further and get the see the basic 5 steps that make the entire process of BIM a success.


Step 1: Preplanning of the initial start-up of the project

Before the start of the project, it is necessary to make a pre-planning of the work. It is a good approach and cannot be skipped. This is the initial stage where you for the project we will have a pilot team with the tools to get a successful completion of the project without any roadblocks related to the management or even for the hardware and the software that helps in completing the BIM services by following its different level of developments.


Since the new software and the processes has changes in it, it is natural that the employees may be reluctant to learn something new. The team here is the one who actively works with the BIM services and provides a lot of benefits to it. Also, once the project is undertaken, the team gets more eager as they then follow the latest tools and software that are playing a vital role in the completion of the BIM project.


Get the materials and the required types of equipment ready.

It is a fact that we need to ensure that the software, hardware, and the system that we are using is well up to the mark and can easily support BIM. Also, another thing that needs to be considered is the amount of data that is required in running the entire BIM Project. These are some of the basic things that need to be taken into consideration and thus the system should be well-equipped with the desired amount of processing data, speed, upgraded software.


As the BIM Projects are large in size, therefore its spacing needs to be considered as an important aspect. It is very crucial to ensure data security, as BIM uses a large amount of data security systems. Thus to make it easy and accurate it is better than the teamwork on the cloud-based solutions to break the silos. This is because here then the team will be working on the same platform and the data can be accessed by each member who are the part of the project.


Step 2: Gathering / Assembling of team

Once it’s decided to use BIM, it is necessary to select and make the right team of experienced people for a pilot project. These team members are the ones who are going to be at the first level i.e will be handling the training and then will be putting the project into action. One thing that needs to be taken into consideration is that since they are seniors, they need to make sure that they are training their coworkers too so so that once they start their own BIM project, the rest can continue to work on the other projects too. Here are some of the fee characteristics as to know how the candidate is good for the project.


  • Experience knowledge in 3D design and BIM exposure projects.
  • Detailed understanding of traditional architectural designs and construction management systems.
  • Having details of the data and the models tools and techniques.
  • Ability to learn new software and the systems quickly.
  • Coaching and mentoring ability for other team members of the group.


Step 3: Launching of the pilot

As it is a pilot project, we make sure that the team who are working on the project, have a controlled environment to learn and understand the document as to how to use BIM. This will also show you the result and the improvement that each one of us is looking for. Below mentioned are some of the questions that we ourselves ask and to all this, the answer to is as below.


  • Is it that each team member of the project is open-minded and ready to accept the BIM?
  • Is there we can start a small scale or lower risk project that we can start with?
  • Will we have the option available to select the project that has been recently completed? This will allow and give the prediction and assist in comparing other project details too. It will be considered as the communication bridge and will help in finishing products.


Step 4: Documentation Process

Once the project gets started, it is necessary to have the complete documentation of the entire process. This document will be having specification as to how to use BIM service and software during each and every step. This will indeed give the information that will help in creating the best practice for the rest of the team members.  One thing that needs to be remembered is to have proper planning and that is only possible with the documentation process for all future projects.


Below mentioned are some of the best ideas or the BIM projects.


  • The project information must have all the data, ie including the key contacts such as project manager. BIM manager, and the lead person.
  • How to manage the exchange of the file, meetings kick-offs, and quality control.
  • BIM usage gives the vision of the space, site design, and the analysis of the entire programming service.
  • Complete estimation of the materials, it is phasing, and the operations too.


Step 5: Get speeding up the team

This is the stage where the entire integration of the BIM service is taken into consideration. With the help of the list ot the best practices, and the updated work flow, it is now useful to have the information of the foundation data that is built for the smooth transition.


One of the most valuable tools that every company has is a team of dedicated employees. They are the BIM champions who have years of experience and can advise for the best practice that can be adopted for the organization. Well, we all have to rely on them and get the support as the entire team will be coming on board for the details of the projects.



In reading this article it must be very much clear that why the service of BIM is important and why it is required. To know more about the services and to get the quotations you can simply send us an email or can call us and the team will be happy to assist you and help you.

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