BIM Adoption and BIM Training in India

Jan 5


Prabhat Singh

Prabhat Singh

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There is a lot of scope of BIM in India. The country seems to be realizing its potential and is implementing this software more and more. Grey Edge is a training institute that offers training in BIM software and makes you industry-ready.


Every year,BIM Adoption and BIM Training in India Articles thousands of students plan to pursue the field of architecture or engineering as a career option. As we can see, technology has grown at a rapid speed. One of the essential elements in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry is BIM (Building Information Modeling).


What is BIM?

It is an intelligent 3D model-based software that offers AEC professionals the tools to more effectively decide, design, build and manage infrastructure and buildings. BIM uses three-dimensional, real time and CAD modeling software for 3D modeling but also adds the benefit of ‘information’ within the model which has several onward uses. It is used to boost productivity in construction and design, maintaining consistency of the modeling and drawing process, thus removing mistakes. In short, BIM is about the fundamental procedure of developing building details during the design of architecture. Through this process, one can visualize the building and different objects in various views utilized across drawing production. BIM software is usually implemented by individual entities such as architects and engineers but all work together to create models that are integrated and therefore tested in a virtual environment.


Scope of BIM

As far as AEC industry in India is concerned, it has started utilizing BIM modeling and applications, but the progress has been slow and steady. Firms have been hesitant to move into BIM modeling and associated applications because of the high preliminary expenditure and perhaps because of the less than enthusiastic approach and involvement from the government. However, times are changing and the AEC industry in India is now slowly beginning to realize the advantage of BIM implementation and what it can offer. India has slowly come to the conclusion that BIM modeling is extremely important for engineers, architects, designers and builders to be in consensus with each other at the time of design as well as development. It is slowly transforming as well as modernizing the Indian construction sector. BIM has the power to total revolutionized the construction landscape in India and it is heartening to see its immense potential being not only accepted but being started to be embraced more fully.


Professional Training

The development of BIM use in the architectural and engineering sector has led to numerous professional CAD/BIM course providers for those who have witnessed and wish to pursue it as a career option. Several BIM courses for differing levels of expertise are offered by Grey Edge. An Autodesk Authorized Training & Certification Center, based in Mumbai, Grey Edge offers classroom-based, corporate/educational on-site as well as online training for Building Information Modelling (BIM), 3D visualization applications, Graphics Design & Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Website Design.


As one of the most popular institutes to offer exemplary AutoCAD training in Mumbai, Grey Edge has become the de facto option for Revit BIM Sources in the region.  It’s courses are offered in classroom format at its own well equipped premises as well as on-site to corporates and educational facilities. With Revit and AutoCAD, students will be equipped to learn different elements of the software that facilitate them to develop high quality drawings and 3D designs.


For students and existing employees that are looking for BIM jobs in Mumbai and all over India, the need for certified skills for this software are critical and selection of their best CAD and BIM training centre are critical. The scope for BIM roles continues to grow and with the right amount of professional training; you will be in a great position to apply for BIM jobs in the Architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) field after BIM training with Grey Edge.