5 Simple Facts About candle boxes Explained

Sep 18


Robert R Smith

Robert R Smith

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Candle boxes are made to keep the product safe, away from dust, protect the scent, and make it appealing in the eyes of the customers. These boxes are made up of paperboard, cardboard, and kraft paper. It is the most sustainable packaging material available in the market that can be fully customized without any limitation in shapes, sizes, and designing. These boxes can be modified in any color and design that perfectly goes with the theme of the brand or the product.


Candles are not just candles anymore; they are representative of an individual who uses it. There is a wide range of candle available in the market in every color,5 Simple Facts About candle boxes Explained Articles size, shape, fragrances, and ingredients. There are a lot of brands that make expensive, handcrafted candles in signature scents with organic ingredients. Such candles come in luxury products and are a piece of art. Like any other product, it is crucial for candle box packaging to perfectly match with the product inside to look more composed and well designed.

These boxes do not just contain the product but help in the marketing of the company. Do not underestimate the power of candle packaging and the wonders it can do to your business. No one will tell you these amazing facts about the productivity of these boxes, what to look for while designing these boxes for your brand or looking for one to buy. 

  1. Style variations

There is no one shape and size of candles, but different kinds of candles are available in the market like pillar, votive, tea light, and almost every form required by the customers. Candle box suppliers make paperboard and kraft paper packaging that can be modified in any shape and size that can perfectly fit all type of candle. These boxes can be made in unique forms that divert all the attention toward the product like window cut boxes, tray boxes, and flip open tables with magnetic closure. The designing and quality depend on how much money one can spend on the packaging. 

  1. Durable packaging material

Candle boxes manufacturers have made it possible for the companies to get premium packaging at their fingertips. Candles are fragile and need packaging that can keep them safe and protected during shipping that is why these boxes are made keeping that factor in mind not ignoring the appearance of the boxes that instantly grab customer’s attention. Durable material like kraft paper and cardboard keep the product intact.

  1. Premium packaging

Attractive candle boxes packaging boost sales and increase loyal customers by its appealing colors and designs. Innovative and advanced printing technologies have opened the doors for companies to develop impressive packaging that goes with their products. Personalized packaging conveys a positive and professional brand image of the brand. You can print company logo, colors that go with the theme of your brand, alluring patterns, and other information related to the product which helps in recognition of your company in the market and among customers. To make these everyday boxes premium, laminations in a glossy and matte finish is the best option that gives a luxurious look to the boxes in cheap rates. 

  1. Eco-friendly 

Responsible packaging is a new trend that is most appreciated by the customers and is a necessity in today's world because of increased environmental pollution. Keeping in mind the need, candle boxes in the UK are all made up of sustainable material like paperboard, and the trend is expanding in other states as well. Cardboard is made up of recycled paperboard and is highly bio-degradable. Use of sustainable candle packaging develops a responsible brand image in the eyes of the customers. 

  1. Cost-effective packaging solution

The companies need to look for candle boxes that can save as much money as possible to increase revenue. Paperboard packaging in wholesale is cheaper than getting these boxes in fewer-quantity and high quality. Wholesale candle boxes are less expensive because of a more significant number. These boxes are light in weight, which makes it affordable to ship the products because of courier companies charges according to the importance of the package no the size. 

These boxes are a win in all the aspects that affect adequate packaging. Their eco-friendly nature, high customization compatibility, and no restrictions of shape and size plus candle packaging supplies in wholesale provide companies fantastic opportunities to develop a promising packaging for their delicate products without any difficulty. A Candle packaging in the UK is setting new marks in the market that are being noticed and adapted by other companies all around the world. Getting a large number of candle box in wholesale is also useful for the companies because of free shipping and return facilities if they are not satisfied with the product. Now you can get attractive custom-designed candle boxes in wholesale by UK based companies at your doorstep with minimum or free shipping, thanks to eCommerce.

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