5 Things To Know Before You Buy A Bed sheet

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The bed sheet is a member of the home furnishing industry. It is available in different type, colors, and varieties in the market. There are many things to consider before you buy it such as quality of fabric, size of the bed sheet, thread count, washing instructions, shrink factor, plain or printed.

A bed Sheet is not just an outer layer of skin over your bed. It is a matter of elegant appeal which discloses a lot more about your personality.It totally covers the area of your bed which makes it a center of attraction of your bedroom. An individual can choose it accordingly which goes with his/her choice to make it look even more beautiful.

It has various designs,Guest Posting patterns, colors which completes the room and makes it graceful. In the era of digitalization, it is now available not only in nearby furniture shops but also in E-commerce Store portals. Below I am elaborating some basic things you should consider before going for bed sheet.

Quality of Fabric
Quality of fabric is important while choosing the bed sheets as it plays a decisive role in its functioning. It is made up of mainly three type of materials, i.e. cotton, polyester and silk. The features of the cotton bed sheets are that it is non-allergenic,soft and a premium quality product. Polyester is considered to be affordable and possesses good quality. It is not as durable as cotton as the stain removal is very difficult.

Size of The Bed Sheet
They are available in various size according to the requirement of the customer. A consumer can select the ideal bed sheet according to the size of the bed. It is available in sizes like Single, Double, Queen and king.

Thread Count
Thread count is the essential point which justifies the quality of the bedsheet. The higher will be the thread count the higher level of comfort and relaxation. The number of threads per square inch in the weave should be considered to be very moderate. It should be minimum 140 and should not exceed above 200.

Washing Instructions
It should be kept in mind before you purchase it. If you go with cotton, you can afford to wash it in your washing machine. Silk version cannot be removed in the home, and they need to be dry cleaned for better functioning.

Shrink Factor
It is an important aspect which cannot be ignored as some bed sheets shrink just after the first wash. It will be better if you prefer a little bit of extra size so that we can use it for a more extended period.

Plain or Printed
If you are purchasing it for older age people in your family or you want to donate it to any help group you can prefer plain bedsheet as multiple colors do not excite them. If you want to buy it for a couple, then you can go with the printed version as it has more variety and can match with the interior.It will also go along with the aura as well as relaxing the sole.

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