5 Top Mirror and Glass Wholesalers in UAE

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Here we have listed some of the top mirroe and glass suppliers in UAE.

The mirror and the glass industry is well developed in the UAE. There is also a huge demand for glass and mirror products in the UAE. Glass and mirror wholesalers in the UAE provide high-quality glass and mirror products to interior decorators,Guest Posting construction companies, retailers, etc. Be it residential or commercial, glass and mirrors are required everywhere. 

Leading Wholesalers of Mirror and Glass Products in UAE

The following list of the top 5 selected Mirror and Glass Wholesalers listed on ATNInfo - one of the top directory in Dubai which will help you in choosing the right one for you: 

  1. Abbas Glass Trading Company LLC
    Abbas Glass Trading Company LLC., is part of the famous Abbas Glass Group which was formed in 1988. The company has been serving interior design and construction companies in the UAE and is well-known for its timely delivery of goods to its clients. The company has many successful projects in the UAE and is the first choice for many of its clients.  

  2. Abdul Rahman Al Bah Building Material Trading Company LLC
    Abdul Rahman Al Bah Building Material Trading Company LLC, formed in 2001, is located in Sharjah. The firm has gained fame as a leading manufacturer and supplier of products such as frameless tempered glass door fittings, door control series, glass accessories, etc. It has its established brand SAFE, which has become very popular among its clients in the Middle East, and other local, and subcontinent markets. To further improve the image of the company, it has introduced advanced fittings in countries like Italy, Germany, Taiwan, etc. under the same brand name SAFE. The company is well supported by its capable technical staff, which ensures the customer’s utmost satisfaction in all its dealings. All the customer’s requirements are taken into account, and products are customized to their wants.

  3. Al Afaq Mirror Industries LLC
    A leading glass supplier company in Dubai in both wholesale and retail industry. They source high quality branded mirrors from the industry and ensure to deliver the same in the promised timeline. They also take responsibility for providing the same to the customers.

  4. Al-Ain Glass and Mirror Factory
    This company is specialized in shower door, LED Mirrors, mirrors in bathrooms or glass doors in offices. They deal with different glass doors such as bevelled or sandblast glass, uplifting the aesthetics of the interiors. They are committed to serving clients of both residential and commercial niche. 

  5. Al Akes Glass & Aluminium Co. LLC
    Based out of Al Alin, this company is the manufacturer and wholesaler of glasses. Their creative and innovative glass designs touch the hearts of the customer. They also supply their units to Abu Dhabi and other parts of the UAE. 

This list of the top glass and mirror wholesalers will help you whenever you require excellent quality glass products at reasonable prices.

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