5 Best Home Automation Providers in Dubai

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Here we have listed some of the top home automation providers in Dubai.

Home automation systems are used for controlling appliances,Guest Posting temperature, lighting, and they also comprise of alarm systems and access control for home security. There is a gateway to connect all the devices that are controlled. A user interface controls the system, and it can be accessed through the internet using a tablet, computer, or a wall-mounted terminal. Home automation services are very much in demand today because of growing security concerns everywhere. Such systems are being installed everywhere in private companies, malls, residential societies, homes, government organizations, etc.

In Dubai, there is a growing demand for home automation, and there are many top-rated providers who install high-quality home automation systems as per their clients’ requirements. 

Home Automation Providers in Dubai

The following list has been made to make the process of selecting the right home automation provider easy for you:      

  1. Hertz Integrated Systems
    Hertz Integrated Systems provides world-class solutions in the specialized fields, such as converged network systems, and security systems. Hertz has over two years of experience in the field of information technology in the UAE, and its team consists of many qualified professionals. The company has many happy clients in the UAE because of its commitment to high quality and the ability to meet deadlines. The customers are from many different sectors, such as government and semi-government organizations and the private sector. The company’s skilled maintenance team provides the best possible service to its customers. 

  2. Smart3 FZ LLC
    Smart3 FZ LLC is a well-known provider of strategic IT services and solutions to small, medium, and large enterprises in the UAE. They offer solutions in the fields, such as Smart Building, Home automation, IP telephony, and IP CCTV. Their wireless home automation solutions make the customer’s life more efficient by providing home monitoring, security, and management of air conditioning. Their automation services are designed to make your living comfortable with peace of mind and excellent accessibility. They have the best solutions in home automation that will match all your requirements. The company has so far delivered more than 500 successful projects. The firm has also received more than 30 industry awards for its excellence.  

  3. ACME Electromechanical Works LLC
    ACME Electromechanical Works LLC offers hi-tech solutions in the fields of automation, controls, and instrumentation in the UAE. The firm has a skilled team of engineers with more than 25 years of experience that provides its customers with outstanding service and ensures the timely delivery of its products. 

  4. Airzone Middle East
    Airzone Middle East is a leading provider of air conditioning systems in the UAE whose systems are very efficient, and which brings down the electricity costs up to 60% in offices. Their systems can be controlled from your mobile, tablet, or personal computer and they provide the best suitable temperature for your home or office. They have a very efficient research and development team that has developed a solution called communication gateway, which integrates their system correctly with the air conditioning units.  

  5. Al Fajer Trading LLC
    Founded in 1973, Al Fajer Trading LLC has been providing good-quality home automation and other services to its clients in the UAE. The firm has a team comprising of highly-qualified professionals, who are extremely dedicated to giving customers high-value products and valuable service. The company has a reputation for prompt after-sales service and holds its place among the top trading organizations in the UAE. The company’s strength lies in providing services in remote and challenging environments. All their products and services are cost-effective, and they are tailor-made as per the requirements of the clients. They aim to be the first choice of all their customers.

Whenever you decide to get home automation installed for your office, the list supplied will guide you in making the right selection. The above companies will get the best home automation system suitable for you that will provide the maximum possible security for your residence or office. 

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