9+ Slack Alternatives to Choose From

Sep 6




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9+ Free Slack alternatives in 2019. Here are some threaded apps like slack are listed Microsoft Teams.workzone Troop Messenger.Fleep.Yammer. Flock.Ryver.


Collaboration applications are built for easing communication in business. They empower co-workers to communicate and share ideas across diverse teams and projects in order to attain the best work results!

Regardless of form and size,9+ Slack Alternatives to Choose From Articles these days workplaces would certainly need a tool to interact with each other digitally. It is evident that most of the companies until now rely on Skype for peer-to-peer communication.

But the launch of Slack in the year 2009 has opened doors to many of its competitors to build a distinct range of free and paid applications on the same lines to address all sorts of instant collaboration.

These Slack alternativeshave designed their own set of unique features to render the needs of team collaboration.

Giving an informed choice to the user would benefit them to choose the best one that suits their team size.

We have tried to bring you the best alternatives to Slack, ranging from the industry big players like Microsoft Teams, Ryver to the latest entrant on the block, the Troop Messenger.

At the same juncture, as we could not list out all Slack alternatives here, we ask you to find more resources and tools of an app like Slack from Reddit for more reliable discussions.

Besides that, the new-age instant messenger app for the business of 2019, the Troop Messenger is making waves across the globe with its unique combination of team collaborative features.

Troop Messenger - a slack alternative has been designed feature-packed. Amazing feature implementation coupled with high-end security makes Troop messenger look taller in the corresponding market and with a business identity; this team chats app is apt to take your business communication to the next level of collaboration.   

Eventually, these and many more, have come to pitch themselves as good Slack alternatives, providing variety and economical options for the user community.


 Apart from Troop Messenger, the following tools are some of the best slack alternatives.



ProofHub is a powerful Slack alternative that comes with impressive team communication functionalities. Its office chat software serves as the perfect place for every conversation and brings sanity in the way you and your teams communicate within the office or with clients. It integrates with many third-party applications to give you an edge over others along with SSL security encryption.

Top Features
  • One-on-one and group chat.
  • Online discussions and @mentions.
  • Enhance admin controls.
  • Easy and secure file-sharing.
  • Multilingual



Want to “Work smarter, work together”? Then Yammer is your choice. This collaborative chat software is much more than a mere office chat app. It provides for collaboration in a community to share ideas and solve problems in half the time.

Among other things, a Yammer user can Join and create groups relevant to your work and interests.


Top Features 
  • Get answers to questions even when not sure whom to ask.
  • Safely collaborate with contractors, customers or sister companies.
  • Keep docs, photos, and videos in context by adding them to conversations.
  • Stay connected with Yammer’s iOS or Android mobile app.
  • After Microsoft acquired Yammer, the prices have been revised down from $15 to $3 per user per month.



 A team chat app that comes with built-in addiction

Connecteam is a great solution for any business, especially if most employees are non-desk or not tech-savvy. This easy to use tool takes just a few minutes to set up and it packs awesome features, such as automated group management by pre-set rules, advanced conversation settings for personal or team chat, channels and more.

What we loved the most about Connecteam’s chat is that it integrates with other Connecteam features, such as their employee directory, job scheduling, time clock and more.


Top Features
  • Easy to use and user friendly
  • Automatic team chat management
  • Advanced conversation settings
  • Desktop interface for system admins
  • Integrated seamlessly with other Connecteam products



BlogIn is beautifully simple internal blog and knowledge-sharing platform for teams of all sizes. The internal blog acts as a central information hub or a ‘virtual bulletin board’ for the company, allowing all employees to stay in the loop with what’s going on in and around the office.

In addition, the blog opens a new, transparent, two-way communication channel inside an organization, where everyone can ask a question and get the information they need to make faster and smarter decisions.

The internal blog is intuitive and easy to use, so everyone can quickly get on board, which is one of the reasons why it works so well as the internal communication tool.


Top Features
  • Share internal news and knowledge
  • improve internal communication
  • Share files
  • boost company culture
  • enables transparent, two-way communication


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams stands out as one of the best Slack Competitor with its promising user interface. The best part of this workplace collaboration application is we can integrate the tools of Office 365 for enhanced productivity.

The users who use Office 365 have Microsoft Teams included in it. Besides that, it is available to the users on a one-month free trial.

A shared workspace like Microsoft Teams allows the users to chat, share files, integrate other applications, and collaborate with your teammates to make decisions as a team. The user is facilitated to use built-in tools of Office 365 like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Share point at a pricing of $5/per user per month and $12/per user/month.


Top Features  
  • Work-place friendly.
  • Simple to understand User Interface.
  • Seamless integrations.
  • Desktop interface for system admins
  • Part of Office 365 Business Essentials and Office 365 Business Premium.



Are you tired of juggling between multiple team communication and collaboration tools?

Do you wish to have all the task & project management and communications in one single tool?

Well, there is Gridle, which has it all. It is a one-stop solution to all your team communication and collaboration needs.

Developed in Ahmedabad, India, this product packs a lot many features at way cheaper prices and has become one of the most sought after alternatives to Slack.


Top Features  
  • Task management
  • Project management
  • Status and file sharing
  • Chat and video calling
  • Unlimited users
  • 30+ integrations



 “Take Fleep with you, everywhere you go”

Well, this is not what I am saying, but the creator of Fleep! Well, this is an open source software developed for ultimate project communication. Billed as one of the easiest to use apps of this genre, Fleep is pretty straightforward and on top of it has no ads to distract.

Fleep users can Create, assign, search and track tasks with Fleep’s native task management tool Pin important messages to the side of each conversation so everyone can see and edit them.

Meeting notes, important links, contact details etc. Find all shared photos and files in the conversation’s file drawer on the side tab, next to each conversation flow. It is more like Mattermost though.

Just check someone’s profile to see when they were last active. Make audio-video calls and share the screen for faster working Seamlessly integrate to create easy to follow notification feeds so that all the important stuff is together in one place.


Top Features 
  • Unlimited conversations
  • 100 GB file storage
  • Document/file sharing
  • Native apps
  • User account management
  • Premium conversations



 " Flock is free for as long as you want”

That is the flagship announcement from Flock, which has multiple unique features, Github integration being the leader of the pack. Users can collaborate on to one to one basis as well as make and receive group audio/video calls in a jiff.

It is cloud-based and is hosted by Amazon Web Services.

The data security is ensured by up to date technology of TLS 1.2 encryption. Flock offers three different types of plans for users to suit various segments of customers.


Top Features  
  • 20GBfile storage per licensed user
  • Enhanced admin controls
  • Dedicated support



Ryver is another ideal team communication and team management app which combines the best of team communication tools with an intuitive task manager. It allows putting

“All your team communication in one place." 

It is a one-stop solution that is designed solely to eradicate the usage of multiple applications and email for internal communication. They made the platform simple, reliable, and effective. Ryver’s Task Manager is “where Conversations Take Action” – claims the app.  The features are very well developed to ensure seamless communication and follow up. 


Some of the best has been mentioned below:


Top Features 
  • Every Private Team and every Open Forum can have a task board.
  • Each Ryver user gets their own personal task board that only he or she can see.
  • Add detailed checklists to each task.
  • Create a different set of Tasks for each team. No limit on the number of teams or the number of tasks.
  • Assign tasks to one or more team members, set deadlines and be alerted as deadlines approach. Keep your teams on the track at all times.



Quip comes along with a full-suite collaboration software to make things easy for users. It facilitates to “get more done with your team every day” by combining documents, spreadsheets, checklists, and team chat in one place.


Founded in 2013 by two “super nerds” - Bret Taylor and Kevin Gibbs – Quip was absorbed by Salesforce in 2016.


Quip combines teamwork and communication in one central hub that is accessible across devices. It is also one of the strongest Microsoft Teams alternatives. It cuts down the time lag in communication and collaboration, thereby increasing team productivity. 


Top Features 
  • Unlimited Docs and Slides + Live Apps*
  • Secure Mobile Collaboration
  • Integrations, Support and More...
  • Reliable Cloud-Delivered Teamwork
  • Spreadsheets for teams



This is one among the top chat and project management apps around in the market. Around since early 2000, Workzone has carved a niche for itself among users for the sheer ease of use and efficient design. Apart from the outstanding features, WorkZone is known for its amazing customer service.

Every single feature is vetted for real-world use because project management is not complicated than it needs to be. There’s nothing you can’t do with Workzone as far as project management is concerned. Why settle for less?


Top Features  
  • Visibility across organization
  • Easy and Secure file sharing
  • Personal to-do lists and automatic reminder emails



As a team collaboration tool, Hive provides the best flexibility to users to plan their project tracking and presenting. This is more of a project management tool than a business chat app. While chat can be incidental, the main focus is on tracking and managing project status to provide summary views to combine several projects and view the big picture. It enables easy task assignment to team members.

However, Hive has a higher price belt and has no free Plan. It offers just two types of plans, making it less accessible for small and medium enterprises. But, both the plans have a 14-day free trial offer. 


Top Features
  • Attaching files 
  • Creating subtasks
  • Setting dependencies 
  • Creating personal to-do-lists



Jandi is a teamwork collaboration tool for the smoother workflow. It provides for convenient communication, file sharing, and quick feedback checks. It effectively replaces the email client with its easy features such as


Top Features 
  • Chat Rooms for different teams, locations and topics.
  • Easy search filters for quick access
  • Enhanced Admin controls
  • Faster and reliable integration of diverse services
  • Foolproof protocols to ensure data security
  • Data storage and transfer through AWS

Apart from these top-notch apps, there are several more available, both in the free zone as well as paid plans. The wide range of options presents a fair degree of flexibility for users to choose.

However, it can also make it tough to take a call. Nevertheless, these alternatives give a good bird's eye view of the various options, features on affordable terms. Make your choice!

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