Money, Abundance, and the Law of Attraction

Nov 15


Beth McCain

Beth McCain

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Here are some tips on how to attain your financial desires through the Law of Attraction.


There are many methods within the Law of Attraction that will work for some,Money, Abundance, and the Law of Attraction Articles but don't work as well for others.  There is always a way to figure out what works best for you and produces results.  Then there are certain words that suggest passionate feelings.  The word frustration, without having an exact image attached, can cause some strong emotions. The word love, also without the benefit of having an image, can also cause strong emotions.  Both of these words, even though they are just "words" emit strong feelings.

Words themselves don't cause the Universe to move your desires closer, it is your feelings.  When you have thoughts and feelings at the same time, the Universe always acts upon what you are vibrating out through the feeling, and if you have an image to go along with it, the Universe gets a clear picture of what you want or don't want.  Sometimes we emit a feeling that is so passionate (and possibly negative with an image) that it comes rushing towards us. 

Case in point:  When you are worrying about your financial situation, you receive yet another bill in the mail, and you exude a feeling of despair with the image of too many bills and not enough money, the Universe begins moving towards you exactly what you are creating whether intentional or unintentional on your behalf.  Then this repetitive cycle keeps happening until you decide to concentrate on and see your financial situation changing, even when you have a bill or two coming to you.  

Creating a positive money abundance vision can help stop your cycle of not enough.  I believe one of the most important words in the Law of Attraction is unlimited.

Unlimited evokes a lot of feelings, and they are great ones.   Many of us put limits on a lot of things.  We put limits on what we think we can make in the financial world.  We put limits on what we think of ourselves when we think we are not as smart as the next guy.  When you limit yourself, you are putting a box around yourself. When you release the limiting thoughts and feelings, a whole new world is open to you.  What would you do if you had an unlimited supply of money, of health, of joy?  Think about and feel what that would be like.  This is a great start toward receiving what you desire in your life. 

The Universe is unlimited.  Your mind is unlimited.  Between the two (the Universe and the mind) you can create whatever you want in your life.  Just remember the next time you look at your paycheck and think that is all you will make every week, that you have just created a limiting thought.  If you truly believe in the Law of Attraction and you believe that you can have whatever you desire, including unlimited money funds, even if you don't know where those funds will come from, the Universe will bring to you what you desire.

Create your picture in your head: Having unlimited abundance in your life.  See yourself and feel yourself doing what you want to do with your unlimited abundance.  Let the Universe take care of the how and you just feel and know it is all taken care of and it will.  Why stop at unlimited wealth; why not see unlimited great health, unlimited joy, and unlimited opportunities in the work you have chosen?  Why not create unlimited ideas on how to help this world in many ways?

Unlimited is an incredible word that evokes feeling of true freedom.  Choose an unlimited life through the Law of Attraction and watch your life change and merge into what you desire.

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