Acrylic Trays: The Best Uses for Convenience Stores

Jun 29


Terry Keenan

Terry Keenan

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Since convenience stores are small, they have to be very concerned with how they display their merchandise. If you own or operate a convenience store, you'll find that acrylic trays are some of the most useful fixtures you have.


Acrylic Trays: The Best Uses for Convenience Stores

If you are starting a convenience store,Acrylic Trays: The Best Uses for Convenience Stores Articles or own a convenience store franchise, then you should consider buying some acrylic trays. Acrylic trays are a great display tool and make it easier for customers to find the products they're looking for. Smaller customers can reach items better when they're stored in acrylic trays. Acrylic trays come in convenient sizes and shapes, in several different designs and colors

Just look at all the things you can put in acrylic trays.

  • Condiments. Salt and pepper packets, ketchup and mustard, sugar and hot sauce, even olive oil and vinegar can be stored on acrylic trays. If you have a hotdog machine or a microwave, then hanging acrylic trays nearby or directly over the counter will make it possible for customers to find their favorite relishes and dips quicker. Don't let someone go away unsatisfied; stock plenty of condiments in your new acrylic trays.

  • Cosmetics and Toiletries. Acrylic trays are the perfect place to stock small cosmetic and bathroom items, like nail polishes, lipsticks, feminine hygiene products, creams and lotions, powders, and perfumes. Women will appreciate your thoughtful convenience store supply and remember to shop with you again. Travelers who left their cosmetics bag at home will be relieved when they find your store.

  • Single-serving Medications. Whether your customers are traveling away from home, heading into the office, or they just live down the street, small medicine packs are cheap and convenient. Consider stocking your acrylic trays with small packets of Advil, Tylenol, Excedrin, Motrin, Aleve, Alka-Selzer, Dramamine, and of course, good old-fashioned aspirin. A traveler with an upset stomach might avoid the hotdog machine, but he'll be glad to find your mini-pharmacy.

  • Small Souvenirs. When people are traveling through a new town, often a gas station convenience store is the best place to stop and take a break, stretch their legs, and purchase some local products. Consider showing off brightly colored souvenirs: gems from the local earthworks, snow globes displaying famous landmarks, novelty items with your town's name plastered on the back. All sorts of things make great souvenirs in an acrylic tray. Give them something they won't find anywhere else.

  • Candy. Kids enter a convenience store and the first place they go is to the candy. Offer all sorts of candy in slatwall acrylic trays. They fit horizontally and vertically on slatwalls to create an attractive arrangement of products. Colorful boxes of candy bars, M&Ms, Pez dispensers, Pop Rocks, and other convenience store goodies will entice your customers (and not just the younger ones).

No two ways about it: a convenience store market can only benefit when it uses beautiful innovative acrylic trays. Consider how you can best improve your convenience store sales. Invest in a set of acrylic trays today.