An Easy Way to End the Year

Dec 7


Joanne Victoria

Joanne Victoria

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Article Title: An Easy Way to End The Year
Author Name: Joanne Victoria
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Category: Business Development
Copyright Date: 2003
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As a healthy business owner or independent professional,
how do you end your year? Well, I tell my clients to
stop working. That's right, stop working. The kind of work
I'm talking about is the work of getting new business.
There is no new business in the dark days of winter,
just the clean up of old business. If you have clients
that must spend in order to deduct prior to years’
end, go to it. This is for those who have the time
to take the time.

Just stop. Take it easy. Take a day or more to clean
out your space. Go through each document and get
rid of as many as possible. If it's important, it will
show up again. Don't answer the phone until the bags
are full. (Don't answer the phone until 10:30 a.m.
anyway, just for this month.)

Remain calm during this hectic time.

Throw away all your old magazines. Don't subscribe
to any new ones without an old one expiring. Check
your e-mail subscriptions. Remove those you never
read. Review the past year and identify the intangibles
that contributed to your success. Passion, attitude,
commitment, integrity and perseverance are solid
ingredients in business achievements.

Let go of everything in your life that drains you or
is a burden. Look at your daytimer, starting from
January 1. How much time was scheduled for you?
How many new friends did you make this year?
How many problem people will you eliminate from
the Rolodex of life? How much more time will there
be for you or your new hobby?

What did you learn this past year? Write a letter to
yourself and applaud your triumphs and your failures.
Look at the people who have helped you this past
year. Send them a note of appreciation.

Be grateful for what you have.

Check your income for last year. What's your amount
for 2004? Determine the number of days you want to
work in 2005, divide that into your 2005 projections
and you have a new monthly financial model!

You don't have to look for new business to create new
business; just create the space for it to appear.
Take care of yourself, first, and avoid a hectic
January. Take a nap, go to the movies, buy yourself a
present and be happy.

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