An Overview on the Kinds of Gas Boilers

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An Overview on the Kinds of Gas Boilers. To know more read this article.

Boilers are used both for residential and for commercial purpose for central heating and hot water usage. It is one of the most widely used appliances that are used for radiant floor heating systems. A gas unit uses natural gas or propane as their fuel for burning. The general principle of how the gas system works is it extracts air required for combustion either from the heated area or from the air outside. Extracting the air from outside requires a pipe connection and it efficient and much secure.

There are four types of gas systems. They are combination boilers,Guest Posting Heat only gas boilers, system gas boilers, and back boilers.

Combi boilers

As the name suggest this type of system is used for both central heating and supplying hot water to taps. It is one of most widely used units in various countries. It is highly reliable and the operational costs are very low. There is no need for a storage tank as the water is supplied directly from the mains. So it consumes less space.

Heat only gas boiler

They work with a storage tank for the warm water and another top-up tank for storing the cold water in the loft or at higher place in the home to supply central heating as well as hot water. It is also highly efficient but it consumes space due to the water storage tanks.

System gas boiler

These operate by storing the hot water and the key components of the central heating and the warm water equipment are built in to the system making its components easy and quick to install. A system variety works by pumping the water directly to the heating system to radiators and the hot water cylinder. It is efficient and the maintenance costs are very low.

Back Boilers

This type of unit usually is placed at the back side of an electric fire or a chimney and works in combination with a cylinder that store hot water to give central heating along with hot water.

There are some pre requites that are essential to be followed before purchasing a gas unit some of them are as follows:


The efficiency of the unit must be considered before an investment is made in a gas system. There are many energy efficient gas varieties that reduce electricity bills and also lower the operational costs. It also keeps the emission under check.

Boiler Requirement

This factor plays an important role in choosing the boiler that is suitable for the home needs. For instance if you require hot water for more than one room in a home the highly efficiency system will be a wise choice.

Placement of the boiler Unit

These occupy very minimal space. Today’s boiling units do not require a storage tank for the water so it eliminates the need for a loft for the storage of the water tank or cylinder. This should also be place so that there is sufficient water pressure and there is no drop in the temperature.


According to need and usage of the consumer different gas systems can be selected. They are highly reliable and are very efficient and the operation costs are very low.

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