Application of Welding Technology in Manufacturing

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Delivery status should be noted in the contract.The low-power tissue of the steel must be unretractable, subcutaneous bubbles, white spots and microscopic pores.The center is loose, the general loose can not exceed 1.5, the segregation must not exceed two levels.

In addition to the conventional welding rod arc welding,Guest Posting gas shielded arc welding, submerged arc welding, plasma arc welding, electroslag welding, friction welding, resistance welding technology is widely used, such as some of the new welding technology has been used in all areas of our country's manufacturing industry.

Invented by the welding research institute of friction stir welding is a new type of solid-state welding technology, has drawn the attention of the world, in the aviation, aerospace and shipbuilding division has taken this technology applied in the welding of aluminum alloy, obtain good effect.This patented technology was introduced in China.However, there is a lot of research and development on the weldability of different materials and the welding methods of different shape joints.

Laser is considered to be the new heat source in the 21st century, has made remarkable achievements in thin plate welding, a special laser - compound MIG welding application in automobile manufacturing, for the automotive industry offers a new welding technology, improve the welding performance of various materials and structures and the reliability of welding.But some of the characteristics of the laser and arc composite, especially for the welding of medium and thick plates, have a lot of problems to be studied.

With the increase of wall thickness, narrow gap submerged arc welding (single and multiple wire) is more applied to the power plant boiler drum and petrochemical pressure vessel shell, and narrow gap submerged arc welding equipment in the practical and reliable, supporting system and function of high precision, advanced in the direction of development.In recent years, for the purpose of satisfying the production needs, a variety of special longitudinal seam welding machines have been developed.But with the constant change of product structure, the a53 erw pipe equipment requirements gradually improve, single function of narrow gap welding machine cannot adapt to the special structure of the welding requirements, such as taper longitudinal seam, sealing head over and flange girth welding.So urgent need to develop a new type of narrow gap welding equipment, it by welding and tyres, submerged arc welding system (head, wire feeding machine and power), welding operation and welding displacement device and other supporting equipment as a whole, constitute a so-called narrow gap automatic welding system, so as to further expand its application space, provide convenience for production.

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