Benefits of Canada PR Visa

Sep 6


Dinesh Murugan

Dinesh Murugan

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Get the "Right" to live and work in Canada by obtaining a Canada PR. Permanent Resident visa is issued by the government of Canada for international people who are not the citizens of Canada. Canada PR is valid upto 5 years on completing which a candidate can apply for the Canadian citizenship.


A permanent resident (PR) is someone who has been issued a Canada PR visa by the government but does not hold a Canadian citizenship. They are citizens of another country. It is also clear that someone on a temporary visa to Canada such as a student,Benefits of Canada PR Visa Articles foreign worker or visitor, is not a permanent resident.

Canada offers PR visa for period of 5 years beyond which you are eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship. Canada PR points system is the basis of Comprehensive Ranking System that determines one’s eligibility to enter Canada. Now that we are introduced to the process of Canada immigration, let us investigate the benefits that a Canada PR visa offers.

Benefits of becoming a Permanent Resident of Canada

  1. “Right” to permanent residency

Many of us are familiar with the USA green card and tend to compare it with Canada PR visa due to its proximity. But as a matter of fact, these PR categories are based on entirely different philosophies. While US green card only gives “permission” to enter & live, the Canada PR visa gives “right” to enter & live in Canada. The “right” to PR in Canada is manifested in forms mentioned below.

  1. Free to work anywhere in Canada

Canada is a blooming job market for immigrants, especially for Techies & Registered Nurses. Any candidate must get adequate Canada PR points to be eligible to work anywhere in the country unless you are a provincial nominee. Also, some government jobs are reserved only for Canadian citizens. 

  1. Your kids get subsidized Education

Education in Canada is not only subsidized but the country is also the leading study destination in the world, as per UNESCO. This means that eligible candidates on a Canada PR visa can enrol their kids in the leading education system in the world & get subsidized education until post-secondary.

As a Canada PR visa holder, one can enrol for free English or French language classes that are run by the government. It enables better integration of immigrants into the mainstream society.

  1. Eligible for subsidized Healthcare

Canada PR visa holder is eligible for universal healthcare coverage that almost cover all the medical expenses. Such medical expenses include emergency visits, yearly check-ups, immunizations, etc.

  1. Become a Sponsor for eligible family member or close friends

Canada PR visa is essential to be recognised as a sponsor for eligible family members and in some cases, close friends to come to Canada for varied purposes.

At this point, you must have decided to immigrate to Canada! Before you plan any further, take our free immigration assessment test.

  1. Save on Taxes outside Canada

The permanent residency allows Canada PR visa holders to save on taxes from income earned outside Canada. The government only demand taxes to be paid on income earned within the territorial borders.

  1. There is virtually no difference between Citizenship & Canada PR visa

While in actual terms, citizenship gives more rights to an individual than simply a permanent resident status, Canada virtually treats its citizens & PR visa holders alike.

Except for the voting rights & certain reservation in job positions, any Canada PR visa holder is equally protected under Canadian law & Canadian charter of Rights and Freedom.

  1. Chance to be eligible for Canadian citizenship

Now that you have decided to permanently settle down in Canada, you are required to stay for at least 1095 days in five years. This is only possible if you are on a Canada PR visa.  


Ways to get Canada PR Visa

Canada liberally welcomes eligible candidates to apply for permanent residence based on the Canada PR point system. To fare well on Canada PR points, the candidates have the option of applying for permanent resident status through various programs;

  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Canada Experience Class
  • Skilled worker & Quebec experience programs
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Business & Investor Programs
  • Various family sponsorship programs


Planning your permanent residence in Canada requires professional assistance as it involves rigid scrutiny of your application. We are market leaders in providing immigration consultancy services for over two decades. Contact us now to handle your Canada immigration!