Best Dent Repair For Hail Damage

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The best way to remove hail damage is with paintless dent repair. It is cheaper and faster.
Dent repair has traditionally been done by bodywork experts who remove the panel and hammer out the ding and then use filler to smooth out the surface and then they repaint the damaged area to get it as close to the way it originally was.

This usually costs several hundred dollars per ding and is not really a good solution for a large amount of damage like that caused by hail or gravel being spit up on the car. There is another solution and it is called paintless dent repair. The results are as good or better than with traditional methods and it comes at a fraction of the cost and time. It is the perfect solution for hail damage.

Hail is one of the worst offenders to cars. There is no real way to predict when it will come and when it does there is almost no way to avoid it. It can break windows and windshields and frequently wreaks havoc upon the bodywork of vehicles. With traditional dent repair you would be looking at getting the whole car repainted essentially because there would be so much and such widespread damage. Taking advantage of the new paintless technique would save a significant amount of time and money while preserving the resale value of the car by not altering the original paint job.

After a hail storm a car can be covered in divots and dings in a way that is totally unattractive. The results can be seriously disheartening when you consider what is traditionally done to provide dent repair. Usually a series of holes are drilled in the damaged area. Then the metal would be bent out through the holes until it was back to its original shape. Afterwards the sheet metal would be sanded and grinded smooth again. Once it was relatively smooth filler would be applied to the holes,Guest Posting sanded smooth again and then repainted. Unfortunately often the holes would still be visible through the paint and the paint would not entirely match. This is because a factory paint job looks phenomenal and smooth and goes through a number of stages before being completed. There is no way to replicate this in a body shop and so you undoubtedly have a section of vehicle that does not match the rest.

With paintless dent repair none of the invasive techniques are necessary. Instead the panel is removed and a series of rods are applied to the back. Next the sheet metal is gently hammered back into shape to massage the dent out. This requires no sanding, painting, or damage to the structure. In cases of hail damage this is great because you can do a bunch of areas in one felled swoop. Also because less hours are necessary and the materials are limited you end up with a far smaller invoice for what has been done.

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