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Weddings are an occasion to celebrate – to enjoy the moment with friends and family and lots of good food and wine.

Weddings are also an occasion to remember- to keep those precious memories close to your heart so that they bring joy into your lives So how does one plan a wedding that not only becomes the talk of the town but also remains etched in the memories of your guests for years to come? Barn Weddings seem to be the answer.

Barn weddings are not uncommon in Georgia anymore. They have become very popular now and for good reason too. The ambience in a barn has a rustic and raw appeal that goes down quite well with city folk and over the last few years one can see that there has been a trend in which wedding planners have advised their clients to choose barn weddings rather than any other venue. This clearly shows that barn weddings in Georgia are 'in' as they offer a paradigm shift in the choice of a venue from the ordinary and mundane to the more exotic.

One clear advantage of barn weddings is the fact that they offer everything that people are looking for from an occasion. They offer fun,Guest Posting excitement and sometimes even adventure as well since many a time there are farm animals on the barn. For guests this is a dream come true as they are always on the lookout look for something new in an occasion and enjoy more when they are in newer surroundings.

As they have not been in a barn for a long time, they like the surroundings since city life and its surroundings can be boring. Therefore, style with a rural touch is what sets barn weddings apart from others and this is what guests remember for a long time.

What else does one want from a wedding?  Top on the list is the joy of your guests. In other words your guests should enjoy themselves thoroughly and not be ones who just attended. A high level of service - good food, excellent wine, wonderful catering and exceptional entertainment from a live band or a DJ are things that make all the difference, and all of it is available in a barn.

Barn weddings score over conventional venues in other respects too. There is no space crunch in a barn and while generally barns can accommodate about 300 odd guests, more space can be added by putting in additional tents and more chairs. Sudden changes in weather is not a deterrent at all and in case of inclement weather, guests can be moved indoors without any issue and arrangement for catering can also be moved –in alongside.

With a host of advantages behind them barn weddings are getting popular in Georgia. Couples are showing interest in getting married in a barn and this trend is catching on. With wedding planners joining the bandwagon, the trend is likely to continue in the near future as well.

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