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Birth Certificate attestation is a type of attestation that comes under the category of Non educational certificate attestation. This type of attestation is useful for international dealings. A birth certificate is an official document that contains the person’s date of birth and birth place.  It includes the details of both the parents. The certificate proves the birth of an individual .It is one of the important personal document of an individual. It is very useful for a child to get admission to any school overseas .Attesting a birth certificate proves that the certificate is real and genuine and the contents given in the certificate is true. Birth certificate is necessary for admission in schools abroad. Before attesting birth certificates few documents are necessary.

Documents necessary for birth Certificate attestation

  • Original certificate
  • Passport copy

The verification of the birth certificate is first done from the respective state in which the individual is born,Guest Posting after which is attested by the ministry of external affairs followed by the embassy where the individual wish to apply for.

Purpose of birth certificate attestation

  • As age proof
  • Migration etc

Birth certificate attestation is compulsory for getting family visa or if a child is taken to any foreign country along with parents. The birth certificate should be signed or sealed by a legal authority to prove its genuinity.  Birth certificate attestation is act of attesting birth certificates for using it for international purposes. Birth certificate attestation can be done from the country in which it is issued. If an individual wish to admit their children in school overseas it is obligatory that the birth certificate of the child should be attested by a legal authority.

           Birth certificate attestation is obligatory for changing an individual’s name and it is necessary for schooling. Birth certificate is an important document for every individual. Birth certificate attestation also have equal role in any international dealings. A birth certificate is the only legal proof of the existence of an individual so attesting it is compulsory for proving the identity of immigrants. Birth certificate attestation proves the trustworthiness of an individual’s birth.

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