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Bisleri international which is a well known brand in packed water bottles not only in India but in the world. And some people would also think that this brand would not belong to India and a non-Indian would be its owner. We want to tell you that Bisleri Water is an Indian brand and its owner Ramesh Chauhan is also an Indian.

Bisleri Owner and Brand Origin

The Bisleri company was started in the 1965s by Felice Bisleri and the brand started under his name.

In 1965,Guest Posting Bisleri came to India at the same time when the India-Pakistan war started, this was the time when Indian’s first preference was two time food, at that time Bisleri was searching for an officer for himself.

At the same time, the Chauhan brothers divided their business Parle. Jayantilal Chauhan who is the father of Ramesh Chauhan got the share of Bisleri business which he had bought from Felice Bisleri. Felice Bisleri used to do the business of Bisleri water at that time, this was the time when the bottle was picked back after supplying water and drink in a closed glass bottle. Felice Bisleri used to supply 2 brands under water of Bubbly and Sterling brand in India but they were not able to estabilish the Bisleri brand properly in India. If we talk about the business and technology of filtered water in India, then only Felice Bisleri brought that technology to India, which was later taken forward by Ramesh Chauhan. In 1969, Felice decided to sell the business, which at that time was bought by Ramesh Chauhan for $50,000, which was 4 lakhs in Indian currency.

Ramesh Chauhan came to India after studying engineering from America and even when he bought the Bisleri brand, he wanted to make and sell soda under that brand. But he was not getting any good response in soda business.

In 1977, Coca-Cola left India and closed its business.

Then Ramesh Chauhan got opportunity in this and he thought of launching soft drinks and he launched soft drinks like Thumsup, Limca, Gold spot, Maaza, Citra and RimZim.

To boost the economy in India in 1991, business policies were slightly flexible, at that time Coca Cola came back to India, then Ramesh Chauhan sold all his soft drink brands Coca Cola for 400 crores.

At that time the solution of glass bottle pet bottles had come and due to this it became a little easier to do business.

After selling the soft drink company, Ramesh Chauhan focused all his attention on the water and soda business and with the idea of ​​expanding it, today he has 325,000 retailers. He has 54 water making plants and he packs and sells 15 million liters of water daily.

Why Bisleri Brand on Sale?

Ramesh Chauhan, the owner of Bisleri, has turned 82 today.

His health is also not very stable, he has only one daughter whose name is Jayanti Chauhan. His age is 37 years.

Jayanthi Chauhan holds the position of Vice Chairman at Bisleri and oversees business expansion planning and marketing.

Jayanthi went abroad and did Masters in Fashion Designing then joined father’s business in Bisleri and played an important role in making Bisleri an international level brand. It will not be wrong if it is said that due to the hard work of Jayanti Chauhan, today Bisleri has made its mark in India as well as abroad.

Today Bisleri holds 33% market share in India and its competition in the market has become the market leader by giving very good competition to brands like Coca Cola and Pepsi who have entered this water business.

Bisleri today is a CASH RICH company WITH ZERO LIABILITY and it is very surprising to sell the company at such a time but according to Ramesh Chauhan, Jayanthi is not much interested in this business now and I have no one else except her, so I started this business on my own. Have thought of including it.

After giving Ramesh Chauhan’s statement in Economic Times, Jayanti also posted a post on her LinkedIn account that every coin has two sides....READ MORE....


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