Biz opportunities brought by the China high-speed rail

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Mainly introduce Biz opportunities brought by the China high-speed rail "going out"

"Going out" of China high-speed rail,Guest Posting iron equipment, hydropower equipment bring us huge business for the Chinese steel industry and steel trade.According to the personage insiders, high-speed rail development market broad has huge prospects, in 2013, only $102.3 billion for high-speed rail markets around the world, jumped to $112 billion in 2014, and the market is expected to reach $133.4 billion in 2019.With China's high-speed rail "Going out", rail steel and related supporting facilities for the iron and steel demand will increase dramatically.Steel for railway building has a wide range of varieties and large quantity also, and the performance is very demanding. For civil engineering such as railway stations, tunnels and bridges, it need a lot of rebar, wire rod, plate screw, round steel, seamless steel pipe and other construction steel, basically accounted for 60 percent of the whole railway construction steel.According to statistics, steel tracked every year around the world is about 13 million tons, in addition, 2-3% of the world's railway also needs to be updated, each section of the railway facilities pull of steel demand is to be reckoned with.Related statistics also point out that for every one ton of steel rail, need 3 to 5 tons of steel used to form a complete set of related station, bridge, tunnel, cable, locomotives and other infrastructure.The personage inside course of study points out that after China's high-speed rail going to the foreign market, the subsequent operation, purchases of motor vehicles, equipment maintenance, and surrounding land development and so on will drive the future consumption of steel, alloy structual demand especially apparent increase.Such as manufacturing of rail transit vehicles, calculated at midsize cars driving B (19 meters long, 2.8 meters wide, 3.8 meters high), on the basis of various types of vehicles with steel characteristics that all steel steel quantity is 25 tons; 23 tons of stainless steel, the stainless steel for 7 tons; Aluminum alloy steel 16 tons, of which all kinds of aluminum alloy is 5 tons. General urban rail lines per kilometer about six to eight vehicles, and therefore used in metro and rail transit vehicle manufacturing, steel consumption is very large. According to the statistics of the expert inside course of study, rail transit every investment of 100 million yuan, will drive the 11200 tons of steel consumption.The industry believes that with the domestic and international market gradually opening, the boom of railway construction industry will continue to improve, combined with China's "one belt and one road" interconnectivity large strategy, with the "timely rain" of the rail steel.At present 52 the investment Banks member countries and regions, in addition to the developed countries and regions, there are 26 countries and regions involved in “one belt and one road”, per capita steel consumption is 101.6 kg, 270 million tons of crude steel consumption.In 2014, China's steel exports 34.4886 million tons to the 26 countries and regions, accounting for 12.7% of the steel consumption in these countries and regions.If in the next 30 years, these countries and regions of crude steel consumption per capita will reach the world level 235 kilograms per capita, there will be a room of 360 million tons to grow.Indeed, "One Belt And One Road" construction, the surrounding infrastructure interconnectivity, the central African "three nets", and so on, have a great demand of steel.In Africa and South America and some less developed countries, backward infrastructure, not even a decent railway, so in the future construction requires a lot of steel, in the short term they want to development, domestic steel production capacity can't meet again, so the imported steel will become a way to meet those national construction.For the steel industry and steel trade industry in our country, we are facing a very huge steel consumption market. Wide prospect of domestic steel products "go out".

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