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One of the many ways to build an online presence is by blog commenting,Guest Posting but you have to behave in a respectful manner when you do it. So what are blog comments? Underneath most blog posts is an area where you can leave a comment. The area includes a place for your name, links to your website, and the box where you can write your comment.

Commenting on other relevant blog posts can be a great way to drive traffic to your own website and build your list; however, most blogs don’t automatically approve blog comments because of the many spammers out there. One of the things I do for clients is monitoring their blog comments; this is called ‘moderating’. I get an email notification when someone comments, and I can decide whether it’s spam or legitimate. If it’s legitimate, I approve it so others can see it on the blog and when necessary, make sure the client knows it’s there so he/she can respond.

Last week one of my clients received a comment that started off good, but ended bad. Keep reading to see what set off my radar and how you can make sure your comments get posted and you get the most benefit.

  • Add value to the original post. If you’re commenting on a friend or colleague’s blog post, it can be nice to support them by saying, “This is some great advice.” However, for the most part you want to be sure to add value to the original blog post. Maybe you have an additional suggestion or a differing opinion that can benefit the readers.
  • Make sure your comment is relevant and on the same topic as the original post. Need I say more?
  • Proofread your comment and make sure it reads well and has no typos or misspelled words. This was one of the problems with my client's blog comment that I received. There were several wrong words (like loose instead of lose) and typos. I know that not everybody is a grammar fanatic, but spellcheck and grammar check will at least pick up typos. I suggest you type your comment in Word, then copy/paste into the blog.
  • Be respectful. If you disagree with the blog post, you can say so but do so in a respectful and tasteful way.
  • When you write a blog comment, you are able to link to your own website. But do this carefully. If you’re in an industry that compliments the blogger, then you can get away with it, but do so sparingly. However, if you’re in an industry that is a direct competition to the blogger and you do links in a way to steal business from the competitor, you may find your comment doesn’t get approved. In the case of the comment received by my client, at the end of the comment the commenter said, “You can read my two blog posts on this subject at” and proceeded to link to two of her own blog posts. That’s where my antenna went straight up and I thought, "Do we really want to post this comment?"
  • Most blog comments allow you to put your website URL in when you complete your name. Be sure to do this. When your comment shows up, your name will link to your website so if someone is interested in what you say, they will be able to find you.
  • Create a gravatar. "What is a gravatar?" you ask. First, let’s talk about an avatar, which is a graphic representation of you online. It can be your picture or your logo or some other graphic depiction that you want to show up online, including forums, gaming sites, and discussion forums. These sites required you to create a profile and upload your image. However, blog commenting doesn’t require you to register and in comes gravatar – a globally recognized avatar. Your gravatar is connected to your email address so when you post blog comments, your image automatically pulls in. This helps your branding and recognition. So how do you get a gravatar? It’s free and easy. Just go to and sign up using your email address and upload your image – your own picture, your logo, or some other graphic you’ve created for your branding. Once you have your gravatar set up, this image will appear when you post a comment using your email address instead of the mysterious blue man.
  • Reply to other commenters. If someone asks a question and you can answer it, reply and do so. Again, make sure you’re adding value and being respectful.
  • Choose to be notified of future comments. This will allow you to go back into the post and reply, creating a conversation and potentially building a relationship.

Following these simple steps will not only help you build your own list, but ensure you grow a reputable online presence!

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