How to Write an Address in an Email? [Guide]

Nov 26




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If you want someone to know where you are or want to share someone's address via email, you need to write it properly. Learn about how to write an address in an email.


Email addresses are great for sending messages electronically but you can't send anything physical through an email. In these cases,How to Write an Address in an Email? [Guide] Articles you'll need to get the recipient’s address or provide your own.

When writing an address in an email you need to verify who you’re speaking with as well, if you haven't already, to ensure that you're not giving personal information to a stranger.

The good news is that we can show you how to write an address in an email. Read on to learn more.

How to Write an Address in an Email

Writing an address in an email is as simple as writing it on a piece of paper or a letter. You want to be consistent with the formatting and follow the standard protocols for addressing formatting in your area. Follow the steps below and follow the same formatting to write an address in an email.

  1. Begin with your full name. For example, Johnathan Doe.
  2. Follow this with your business/organization (if you have one).
  3. Then list the street name that you live on, along with your house number or commercial property number.
  4. If you use a P.O. box, include this after the street name and number.
  5. List the city.
  6. List the state.
  7. List the zip code.

If you follow these steps, you'll have no problem writing an address in an email. As a final example, it should look like this: “Johnathan Doe, 12345 Mary Lane, Townsville, NY, 11777.

Where to Write Your Address in an Email

There are a few places where you should write your address in an email. You can write it in the subject line, body, or signature. Learn more about each of these options below.

In the Subject

The first place you can write your address in an email is in the subject line. While you can write your address here, that doesn't mean you should, especially if you haven't communicated with this person often.

The only time you should do this is if your message is time-sensitive because it can encourage someone to open an email faster. It's also not a bad place to write the address if you ship them something.

In the Body

Another place you can write your address is in the body of the email. If you don't have a signature and just want to give someone your address, this is the best place to write it.

You won't have to worry about it being too obvious in the subject line and you can put the address wherever you like in the body. This is the most common way to share your address via email.

In the Signature

What makes an email unique is that you can add a custom signature. This helps people identify you easily and it's common for people who own a business or work for a company.

The signature is located at the end of the email and may include your full name, company name, address, and phone number. Essentially, you write your address here if people could potentially want to come into the office or ship something to your door.

How to Protect Yourself When Writing an Address in an Email

Unfortunately, some people aren't who they say they are, so it's important to protect yourself when sharing sensitive information like your address. Additionally, hackers can hack into your account and open your email address if they get a hold of your password. Learn about how to protect yourself below.

Verify the Recipient’s Identity

The most important part of your safety is verifying the recipient’s identity. You don't want to send your address to someone who is going to use it for malicious purposes. To verify their identity you can run their email and other information you have about them through a people search, using a reputable provider like

Encrypt Your Email

Another way to protect yourself is to encrypt your email. You can work with an encryption service or follow the steps for your email provider. Most email providers allow you to go into the email’s settings and encrypt the message and all attachments. For an address, it's worth the extra protection.

Write Any Address in an Email Today

Writing an address in an email can help people learn about your company’s physical location, allow people to send you letters or packages, and much more. While it's not the same as handwriting an address, writing an address in an email is similar and shares the same formatting. Just make sure you verify someone's identity before providing any personal details.

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