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If you are interested in buying a home in Boston, it's important to understand why it is such a popular city. This article provides important background information and illustrates why owning a home in this northeastern city is so attractive.

Boston is a significant beacon in the history of this country,Guest Posting so it's difficult to come here and be oblivious to the people and the landmarks that have laid the foundations of the nation (like the Boston Tea Party, pictured right).

Boston is littered with the most amazing history, literally hundreds of years of battles and wars and tales of true heroism from ordinary citizens.

While we may have mentioned a couple of things you might want to see or do if you're in Boston for a few days, this section will give you a grander look at how much the city and people of Boston have shaped the rest of the country. The Boston National Historic Park groups of many of the landmarks that were crucial in the lead up to the American Revolution.

A good starting point, like we said before, is the Freedom Trail which showcases seven of the eight landmarks. A red brick line cemented into the ground will lead you through the greatest historic landmarks of the city. Starting off at Boston Common (though you can join up later at any point), your guide in traditional colonial dress will talk you through the facts on each location.

You then travel to Paul Revere's original house (where he lived during his famous midnight ride), and onto the statue of Benjamin Franklin (left) and the site of the Boston Massacre.

If you get the chance to stroll along Atlantic Avenue, pay attention to where you put your feet. Most of the ground is made up of landfill from the remnants of the Great Boston Fire of 1872!

Some really fantastic tours and trails are also in the area, depending on what your interests are and how you want to go about it. Land or sea or both? The Boston Duck Tour uses WWII style tour buses that double up as boats! Drive along the Boston city streets and then seamlessly float your way along the Charles River where you get great views of the city.

A really great tour is the Black Heritage Trail, a must do if you have the time. Massachusetts was the first state to outlaw slavery in 1783, so this Boston trail explores many of the landmark sites that were crucial at that point in history. Boston was a sought-after town at the time of the Underground Railroad and many freed slaves and Railroad organizers were based in Boston. This trail takes you around 15 sites and structures, including many in Beacon Hill and the Lewis and Harriet Hayden House.

The Harbor Walk follows the Boston Harbor shoreline, a fairly long, self guided tour so you can take it at your own pace.

For a different kind of Boston city history, the old Bull & Finch Pub on Beacon Street was once the famous exterior of Sam Malone's bar in Cheers. It's now actually called the Cheers Beacon Hill, so it's even harder to miss if you were a fan of the show. You can find it on Beacon Street.

So there you have it. What to buy, and what not to buy in Boston.

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