Bullet proof Helmets - How can they save lives?

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There are many ways a bullet proof or ballistic helmet can protect the most important part of one's body i.e the head. Do you want to know how?

Have you ever seen an army team wearing a special helmet that you have never seen before? This is called as a ballistic helmet that is worn by Special Forces or national troops when they are dealing with dangerous situation to protect their head from bullet hits so that the bullets will not penetrate to the helmet and does not cause injury. This helmet is not only be used to protect the head from bullets,Guest Posting but also can be used to protect the head from a metal fragment, shrapnel, ballistic flakes, and etc. So, how actually this bullet proof helmet can provide safety and protect lives?

The Wearers of Ballistic Helmet

A Ballistic helmet is specifically designed for those who have dangerous duties and need to protect their heads. There are some types of bullet proof helmet that are worn for special duties:

  • Special Force Helmet

Special Force is wearing special ballistic helmet that is designed with strong material but it tends to be lightweight and compact of the advanced combat helmet. It is equipped with reduced back coverage and ear as well as no lip attached to allow the wearers for better hearing and peripheral.

  • PASGT Helmet

PASGT or Personnel Armor System for Ground Troop helmet is a bullet proof helmet which is specifically designed with lightweight material but strong with four points harness system and ultra-comfortable webbing which really provides comfort for world class protection and reliability.

  • Crewmen Helmet

Crewmen Helmet is designed for tank soldiers and tank crews who must wear large headset for communication. It is different from other ballistic helmets in which it can be removed from the headset completely.

The Material Used in Ballistic Helmet

Ballistic helmet is made of special and strong material as it is used in body armor worn by Special Force, Ground Troops, and Crewmen and there may be some additional materials used in the helmet design so that it will look sturdy and tough.

  • Kevlar Ballistic Helmet

In general, the material used in the ballistic helmet is quite similar to the material used in bullet proof vest. The ballistic vest is made of Kevlar and it is also used in the ballistic helmet. This material was invented and used firstly in 1964 by an American chemist. Kevlar also commonly known as Aramid or Aromatic Polyamide has a very strong structure and has a vibration damping, can resist alkali and acid as well as cannot be burned despite your burn with a very high temperature and the Kevlar or Aramid can be tougher than iron, even it is as strong as steel.

  • Ballistic Visor

Instead of Aramid, the bullet proof helmet is also equipped with a ballistic visor that is attached to the helm which can provide addition safety from the front side. According to NIJ, the level III ballistic helmet is the best and the strongest one with 9mm and 0.44 magnum material, so it can resist any sharp bullet. So, ballistic visor and aramid magnum material of ballistic helmet is a good combination that can give a full protection to the wearers.

How does a ballistic helmet work?

Special force helmets are also designed specifically to protect the head from deadly bullet just like the other ballistic helmet used by special force, troops, and other military personnel. So, how does actually a ballistic helmet work?

  • Reducing Kinetic Energy- The ballistic helmet actually works as similar as a ballistic vest by reducing the kinetic energy produced from the bullet due to the strong material used in the helmet. The material will block the speed of the bullet so the bullet will not penetrate the helmet.
  • Shock Wave- There will be a shock wave and because the speed is reduced, then the bullet will not hit the head of the wearers. Since the head is an important body part, then the helmet is designed specifically so that there will be no single injury that may occur in the head.

In conclusion, it seems that ballistic helmet is really important to wear for those who work as special forces, ground troops, and tank crewman in a battle. To prevent your head from bullet hit, then you are recommended to wear a ballistic helmet or bullet proof helmet. Besides, you also should not forget to wear bullet proof vest to protect your body from bullet attacks for full body protection from the head to the body.

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