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One of the most alluring aspects of off road camper trailers is that you can add specific elements to them,Guest Posting giving you the ultimate camping experience.  While tents can provide a reasonable shelter for an entire weekend, they often do not contain many of the comforts that their “beefed up” counterparts do.  While you may not have a shower, you can still enjoy running water, sitting areas, and even heat.  Everything depends on how you’d like to accessorize your camper trailer and what type of camping excursions you generally take.  Consider the following options when you are looking to build the perfect camping tool, and see why so many Australians are taking to the open road and spending holidays away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
We realise that this sounds incredibly odd, but your camper trailer tent can actually have a small kitchen when fully expanded.  Because many trailers have running water options, a full aluminum, dual-compartment sink is well within reach.  This can provide you with a great way to keep your cooking options open.  Never underestimate how much a small kitchenette can add to your camping experience. 
Sitting Areas
The expanding tents that fold-out of your camper trailer have a couple of “rooms”, giving you options for where people will sleep and where they will convene.  You can get benches that provide some extra lounging area, increasing the amount of campers you can house and adding an extra element of comfort for everyone involved.  While folding chairs are often a key ingredient to a comfortable camping experience, remember that inclement weather can spring up at any time, leaving many wishing they had more sitting space inside the covered area.  This eliminates any inconvenience that weather may bring to the holiday.
Propane Capabilities
Propane is a great way to control your grilling situation or provide some added heat through the use of special lamps.  Regardless of how you intend to use it, propane hook-ups are a great comfort to have when you are away from civilizations for a few days.  Many camper trailers come standard, but it is always recommended that you make sure to have this useful capability.
Boat Storage
While you may not be able to bring your 25-foot boat with you on your camping trip, small fishing boats that can be “racked” are always a possibility.  How many times have you been on a camping trip and been forced to make the decision between extra supplies or your fishing boat?  A boat rack can be easily added to your camper trailer, giving you yet another “toy” to play with while you are away.  You’ve already found a great area to camp, right? Why not set up your site right on the banks of a beautiful lake and spend some afternoons fishing while you’re there?
There are many additional features you can add to off road camper trailers.  Few camping solutions provide this amount of convenience at an affordable price.  With storage racks, food protection, and the ability to have a fully-functional kitchenette, some models push the envelope and change the expectations for many who are venturing out for a camping trip.  While some may enjoy “roughing it”, you can get the best of both worlds by having many of the luxuries that you are used to at home while waking up each morning to the sound of the Outback.  Don’t limit yourself to simple tents and sleeping bags.  Instead, explore the options at your disposal, choose which features suit your needs perfectly, and have them included with your camper trailer purchase. 

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