The Pros and Cons of Camper Trailers

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So,Guest Posting you’ve finally decided that a camper trailer is the route you’d like to go for holidays, huh?  Well, you’re making a sound decision if you shop around properly, and because of their versatility, you can save quite a bit of money when considering where you’d like to spend the next holiday weekend.  Consider the size of the traveling group on average, as you don’t want to invest in a camper trailer that is suited for two people if you have two small children, as well.  Sure, you may intend on taking several trips with just your spouse, but ultimately, the extra space will come in handy when the kids tag along or provide some nice “spread out” space when it’s just the two of you.  Trust us, in the end, you’ll love the extra space.  In addition to considering what size camper is right for you, you’ll also want to consider the towing vehicle.  How much weight can it tow?  Will purchasing a large camper trailer require you to also purchase a larger tow vehicle?  These questions must be answered before making your final decision.  But, for our purposes here, we’ll weigh the benefits and drawbacks to camper trailers, and help you determine if they are right for you.
Obviously, the initial benefit of owning a camper trailer involves the money you’ll save every time you go on vacation.  Campgrounds are much cheaper than hotel rooms, and the ability to cook meals in lieu of dining out will further increase your savings.  Many of these units are incredibly comfortable and provide more than a few comforts of home. 
Another great benefit to owning a camper trailer is the storage for all of your outdoors gear.  From fishing poles to sleeping bags, it’s nice to know that you can keep all of your camping gear stored away inside your camper.  The storage spaces are designed specifically for equipment such as this, so you’ll no longer need to endure unpacking and repacking your gear with every trip you take.
But,  great as camper trailers are, there are specific drawbacks, as well.  For example, they aren’t drivable, so you’ll need a towing vehicle.  Trucks or vans are perfect for such work, but you must be sure that the vehicle can handle the towing strength.  And, when you have a tow vehicle and an attached camper trailer, the gas mileage you get on the open road will not be very impressive.  This cost is easily offset by the money saved by not having to splurge for a hotel room or every meal out. 
Also, you’ll need to get insurance designed specifically for campers.  The cost won’t be extremely high, but you’ll definitely want to have it in the event that an accident occurs while driving or something happens while in use. 
Off road camper trailers are a great investment when you want to take the family on regular vacations.  There are more than a few contingencies that you’ll need to consider when making your purchase decision.  The pros and cons are outlined above to help you stay informed.  The use of a camper trailer is something that you’ll enjoy for many years after purchase.  Be sure to properly maintain the camper itself and take great care in the safety of the tow hitch.  In doing so, you’ll be allowing yourself to get the most from your investment and ensure every one’s safety when on the road.  Are there other options?  Of course there are, but when you weigh the benefits and drawbacks, there is no doubt that any outdoorsman would love to have a camper trailer on their equipment list. 

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