Can Leaflet Printing Be More Environmentally Friendly?

Aug 15


Tom Heath

Tom Heath

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This article contains the essential information about using recycled paper for leaflet printing for the purpose of your business.


Did you know that to make paper from scratch,Can Leaflet Printing Be More Environmentally Friendly? Articles we taint the earth with 84 pounds of air pollution, 36 pounds of water pollution and 176 pounds of solid waste? That’s a lot of waste considering we use paper for practically everything we do! To produce recycled paper 60% less energy is required as compared to paper made from freshly cut timber. Recycling one ton of paper will save 17 trees from being cut down and 3000 gallons of water from being wasted. It has become a necessity to conserve our natural resources as much as possible with the effects of global warming rearing its ugly head more often. Not only will your company maintain a good image by utilising recycled paper for leaflet printing, but recycled paper has a variety of benefits to promote your business with.

Recycled paper is readily available in the market since there is a never ending source of used paper which is converted into new usable paper. Recycled paper is cost effective and cheap. It gives you the time to invest your money in other aspects of your business rather than paying expensive bills for leaflet printing on non recycled paper. People try to argue that virgin paper or paper made from freshly cut timber is higher in quality than recycled paper, but the truth is recycled paper is just the same or can be even better depending on what quality of paper you’re looking for. Industrialists using virgin paper for printing also try to argue that they plant new trees to replace those that are cut down, but that method does not suffice as trees take years to grow to their full grown form.

Recycled paper used for leaflet printing can give you the appealing natural touch you desire with raw fibres visible throughout the page. Recycled paper can vary from a completely natural look with fibres showing or can have them barely visible at all. You can decide what kind of paper your leaflet would look best to print on. Because recycled paper involves the breakdown of used papers, the fibres existing become smaller, more refined providing dimensional stability and a smoother, softer quality to the paper. This quality is attractive and ideal to those looking for quality leaflet printing paper. Some people complain of the grey colour that some types of recycled paper have. This colouring effect is due to the ink of used paper mixing with the fibres while being broken down and recycled to make new paper. If your business only uses white paper, there is recycled paper available which are bleached to produce white recycled printing paper. Some companies take even greater pains to make sure the ink is also eco friendly by utilising soy based inks for leaflet printing.

Recycled paper is a habit one must take to contribute towards the effort of a greener eco-friendly world. Using recycled paper for leaflet printing has a number of appealing qualities to provide the impact you need and to get noticed. So to answer the question I first asked you, “Can Leaflet Printing Be More Environmentally Friendly?” Yes it sure can!