Carl Zeiss 6x18B Monocular.

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When it comes to optics, Carl Zeiss is a name that needs no introduction.

Just the name itself inspires confidence in a consumer,Guest Posting and expectations of a great product offering great performance. The Zeiss 6 x 18 B, has a height of only 3.7 inches, and looks to be the ultimate size for a pocket scope. A lady could keep it on her purse even, if she so desired. At only two ounces in weight, this product does not weigh down any place it is put to be carried. This monocular comes standard with a leather carrying case, and a strong nylon lanyard. The item has a metal body that is resistant to corrosion, and is strong enough to absorb shocks and bumps. Durable and reliable housing indeed.


So lets talk about the optics on this item. This monocular comes with a phase corrected roof prism, and of course the lenses are multi coated with the Zeiss patented anti reflective coating. As always this results in crystal clear vision offering the user contrasted, clear, vivid and bright images every moment of use. The exit pupil is 3 mm, and this scope really has the power to compete against larger items. This monocular offers images on the level of a larger, heavy monocular, and gives vivid color as well as resolution when bird watching, butterfly observing, and any other colorful example of nature in flight, or stationary.  The field of view offers a generous 394 feet at 1000 yards. The eye relief i 15 mm, and those who wear glasses should be just fine.

One might be tempted to assume that the 6x mag leaves the scope lacking power. The truth is, this scope, and it’s 6x magnification is perfect for a tiny pocket monocular, and does not disappoint. Given the 18 mm objective lens, more than enough mag power exists to see your sights clearly, and yet not spoil the image by being over powered. If this device has more mag, some images would be ruined. This is a true example of less being more.

This product, made in Hungary, come with a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty can be transferred if need be, to someone else at a later date. That offers a good value at the time of resale. As a small, compact, monocular for close up viewing, this is probably one of the best, It is highly recommended, and an excellent value in the relatively expensive bracket of pocket scopes. It’s price clearly relates it’s quality, but so does the price of all Carl Zeiss products, including their amazing telescopic sights for rifles.

Product retails for around $370.



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