Celestron Nature Monocular.

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antastic for outdoors events, is this Celestron Monocular.

The Nature 10 x 25,Guest Posting has been properly designed to be easily taken hunting, or nature walking, or for any type of outdoor event you may have planned. The device is a mere six inches in length, and weighs in at about 6 ounces. It would be good to point out that the device comes complete with neck lanyard, and carrying case of reasonable quality. This monocular has a 25 mm objective lens, and 10 x magnification. Vision has clarity and is quite resolute. The vision does become a bit taxed at full 10 x magnification, but that scenario is expected with a device of this level.

This monocular is quite light in weight, therefore some shaky vision at 10 x mag is normal unless your hands are as steady as a rock. As for the optics of this device, it has BaK 4 roof prism optics, and all of the air to glass surfaces come multi coated for protection. The nitrogen charged barrel offers great protection against fogging up on the user, and in addition to that, the device has lenses that are O ring sealed, essentially making the monocular waterproof. There should be no damage on a rainy day.


This monocular has a very rugged body design, with a rubber coat for protection against the elements. The device is seemingly shock proofed and will not become damaged if accidentally bounced up against a tree or a rock formation. It does quite well when dropped, leaving no signs of damage, with the possible exception of the exterior becoming dinged or scuffed. Another nice feature of this device is the finger grooves. Such grooves make this item easy to hang on to when wet or if held with gloves on during cold temp excursions.  It appears as though plenty of brain time was put into the design of this monocular. So compact, yet quite versatile. Excellent choice for travel.

Regarding durability, yes this is a very durable and rugged product. The housing obviously was created with protection of the optics in mind. Even the location of the lens shows that fore thougjt went into the design of this monocular for outside use, and bumps with bruises. The lens is deep enough that it would not be the least bit easy to scratch it up, even when dropped on to a rocky surface below. All in all, this monocular performs well out doors, and gets the job done for it’s owner. It would also be great to use in doors at a concert venue, or at a football stadium watching a game. This monocular is so portable, i would not exclude any type of event or outing from it’s possible list of applications. Great tool, and at around fifty dollars? Highly recommended.

Product retails around $50.

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