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Dec 14




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When new academic year admissions are around the corner,Cloud for Schools Articles schools gear up for the busiest month of the year. Educational institutions put out advertisements in print media and online channels for fulfilling their total seats. On these days, calls come in and the school is swamped with phone calls, inquiries, emails, etc.

Educational institutions are rich in their infrastructure but, their online infrastructure will be very weak. Due to the large call volume, more staff are required to attend the calls, and inefficient tracking of follow ups and missed calls will end up in missing admissions too. These common issues can be rectified by using an efficient call management solution which includes:

Virtual number as Unique Number

A Virtual number will allow the institutions to publish a common unique number everywhere on their online and offline presence. This will reduce the confusing chances of splitting calls to different numbers and a single number ensures a perfect brand identity too.

IVR for Connecting directly

IVR will allow the callers to reach the right department. For an education institution, every caller might have different requirements such as to connect to the admission desk, Staff desk, accounts desk, management desk, or any other. An IVR can redirect them to the right department they want to connect to.

Click to Call for Easiness

Click-to-call is the best and suggested method to convert visitors to your website into leads and clients. When the customer sees your number on an online ad, your website, or even on social media, all they have to do is just click on the click to call enabled button and they will get a call back soon.


  • The Admission team will get the confidence to address all the queries and embark on the admission process.
  • A virtual number can make communication easier.
  • Call monitoring and tracking feature empowers the school to measure drop calls, conversions, and assess the admissions funnel.
  • An IVR brings up a professional image to your Institution.

Are you interested to implement a cloud telephony solution to your institution calls? Talk to one of our Experts now: 9946869229