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Sick of Steve Jobs? Not a big fan of Apple and their backwards way of doing things? Then read below to discover some better options you may have not known about.

What do you get if you cross a computer with a mobile phone? A Smartphone. The size of the personal computer is becoming smaller and smaller while the number of features in a mobile phone is increasing each day passes. If you look back,Guest Posting you can actually see yourself using your mobile phone for making and receiving calls to and from  SMS messages you receive. Includes an MP3 player, a camera and a few channels connecting to a mobile phone proved to be an important item to sell in the next generation of mobile phones. Therefore, to us comes as no surprise that smartphones are now an operating system in it, you know, like Windows or Linux. Not only is the Smartphone more sophisticated than the generic cell phones, you will find on the market, but also it has better IT capability and can run more sophisticated programs like a computer, in other words, a smartphone is defined as a hand-held computer C packaged with an operating system to link the hardware and software, its own set of applications and developers and applications that you'd normally find on the PC, but now these cool gadgets can be taken with you everywhere.

C The iPhone, unless you've lived under a rock for the last five years, this name should mean something to you. Considered to be the best smartphone in existence by most online critics and experts, it has everything that a person may request from a mobile phone and more. To begin with, it has a video camera, Media Player, Internet support, which lets you browse and read e-mail, a multi-touch screen for better control, 3G support and a host of third party applications that are compatible with their operating system (IOs). Apart from this, it has spreadsheets, document editors, e-book readers and most things that only a computer. Even if you can keep building an endless stream of things that the iPhone has, we think it would be enough to say that there are very few things that do not have. This is basically a computer, and you should not be surprised to find that it costs almost as much as one, the iPhone 4 is priced at $ 599 for a 16 GB model, while a 32 GB model will cost you about $ 699.

The next question that comes to our mind is whether the operating system C makes it use Windows? Because Apple has decided to Christianity all its products with names that start with "i", the operating system is, of course, IOS. IOS is good, but Android has been regarded as a better system. The most Nokia, HTC and Samsung phones use this operating system. What is the difference between these two operating systems? Even if IOS had a number of bugs in the first place, Apple was able to solve all problems, but in vain, because Android was still in the lead. Although there is no phenomenal difference in the systems as such, the Android is better because it is an open source system, but essentially means that you can adapt this system to your needs as a developer. It also has a wider range of third-party applications than IOS. So of course people would be in favor of Android than IOS although iPhone has allegedly taken the world by force. C. But that's not all there are a few other operating systems C Symbian OS and Windows Mobile version, which a decent set of features. OK, what else can you do with an Android phone? The usual gamut of actions that are possible with a computer plus more. For one thing, I am operating system you into a world where mobile phone is no longer just a brick, used to make calls and send text messages. To connect to the Internet and check e-mail via Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. The screen is large and multi-touch enabled, making it a better gaming and watching movies. The various applications that are available on the market provide a great user experience.

Now that we have determined that Android is more popular than the IOS, it does not mean Android will not cheaper by HTC, Motorola and Samsung phones. But guess what? This is a cheaper alternative, if we can take a bolder step and say it, the over-priced smart phones. Well, dont actually have a name brand or anything, but you can be sure that they are more affordable. The Android phones are from China. Wait! Arent these phones made in China? Yes, true. Most popular name brands assembled in China with the original parts but these Smartphones are made in China. Theresa big difference between the words. Anyway, the fact remains that these Smartphones are not wearing a matching name brand like HTC and Nokia, and therefore are priced as low as $ 100. Some Chinese name-brands can be a bit expensive at $ 350

You'd be tempted to ask the question, in fact, we ask it themselves - what's the catch? While you can certainly get the same amount of features, sometimes even more with the Android Smartphone, they have a tendency to lower specifications and a limitations, but are in no way worse than the name brands. When we talk about "lower spec" talk, we mean that the speed of the processor is slightly less in the Android Smartphones compared with Nokia and Samsung C 700 MHz instead of 1000 MHz, and the phones would be a resistive touch screen rather than have a capacitive one. The version of the operating system could also Android 2.1 1 against 2.2 2 version in HTC. If you've heard of the straight version of an operating system, you would be happy to hear that these Chinese manufacturers provide you with a straight, non-customized version of Android, so that you can customize it any way you want. The Final Judgement, this is C at a couple hundred dollars less, you get all the features of the regular smartphone at the expense of speed. Isn't this a good deal?

Typically, if you use a mobile phone and are looking for your technology status to the position of a Smartphone to improve, but lack the financial resources to obtain, Chinese manufacturers will give you the perfect cool gadgets. Also, if you want to see how a Smartphone operating and see if this module can keep you happy, the best option would be to test the user experience at a Chinese Android Smart Phone to a much lower cost. If you want to shop for a Chinese Smartphone, you'll have to learn to avoid a few things. If you do not have a big wad of money or a fat wallet, avoid name brands like Nokia and Samsung, they cost more than $ 600. Maybe, if you are in the U.S., you might get one of these children for cheaper but you will need to sign a service agreement for two years. Remember that in about half a year from now, there will be more advanced models on the market that will catch your C if you're too much of a gadget guru, would promise good not to enroll for two-year contracts. But most service providers tempt you by offering free phone and asks you to pay $ 50 every month for their services C remember that it is not worth it.

As you know, most of these Android Smartphones are Chinese and the only way to purchase them via the Internet. Write "China's Android Smart Phone" into a search engine will open up a list of websites that offer these Smartphones for sale. It is mandatory to verify the authenticity of websites before purchase. If only you could work your way around the expensive name brands, you'd be proud owners of a cheap Android Smartphone in no time.

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