Current situation and development trend of Chinese nickel cobaltic industry

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According to metal powder supplier, China's nickel products are relatively concentrated, mainly with Gansu, Jilin, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Sichuan areas. On 2005, Chinese nickel consumption was reached 170000 tons. 

The consumption structure of nickel in China,Guest Posting stainless steel is account for 51.3%, battery is 8.4%, electroplating accounted for 26%, non-ferrous alloy accounted for 8.5%, other 5.8%. According to the survey, in the international market, stainless steel nickel consumption accounted for about 65%, non-ferrous alloy accounted for 12%, plating accounted for 8%, chemicals 5%, others 10%. China's nickel consumption structure and consumption structure of world nickel differences is the mainly because of Chinese manufacturing industry consumption of nickel content is higher than other countries and regions in the world, in the next few years, this difference will still exist.

From 1998 to 2003, Chinese cobaltic consumption of average annual growth rate is about 20.7%. In recent years, the rapid development of Chinese electronic industry, drive the cobaltic consumption increase, in 2004 China cobalt consumption was near 9000t, 2005 cobaltic consumption was close to 10000t.

Chinese macroscopical economic policy and economic status determines the future of nickel consumption and supply condition, in which the unfavorable factors and favorable factors are as follows, in the next 5 years, the Chinese government will continue to implement the structural adjustment in economic field, speed up the transformation of economic growth way, vigorously promote resource conservation and environmental protection policy. In recent years some of the excessive growth of industries such as steel, electrolytic aluminum, cement, real estate industry development speed control, which will make the fixed asset investment growth rate slowed down. Due to the high nickel price in 2003 ^ 2005, leading to alternative materials of 400 series stainless steel show up, slowing the demand for nickel. Due to the appreciation of the RMB, the products of the manufacturing industry export growth will be slowing down, will also affect the demand for nickel.

China Iron and steel industry, although due to the national macro-control temporary inhibition of certain consumer demand, but this belongs to the latest stage of a new adjustment, the steel consumption will remain stable growth, through 2 ^3 years period of adjustment in future, the steel industry growth pattern will change, consumption structure will be more level, diversity, and gradually to a higher level evolution; in addition, China 's industrialization and urbanization development will boost steel demand. From the long term, Chiniese international steel consumption is still one of the most dynamic region, which is one of the main favourable factors of nickel industry.

China's gross domestic product (GDP) will be steady growth. In the next few years, Chiniese economic growth will remain at 9% level, nickel consumption will maintain a steady growth trend. On 2004, the nickel consumption of Chinese battery industry will up to 13000t. In recent years Chinese produce battery raw materials manufacturers increase great quantities, only nickel foam manufacturers have 20, year of consumption of nickel is nearly 2000 tons. Although the amount share of nickel battery industry is not large, but its growth rate is the fastest. Chinese various types of battery output accounts for about 1/3 of the world production. Small two batteries is the main driving factor of China's Cobalt consumption. In 2004, cobalt in the battery industry consumption is 5200t, accounted for 57% of total consumption of cobalt. Foam nickel, spherical nickel hydroxide and hydrogen storage alloy powder high energy battery material and more varieties of nickel powder, nickel powder and cobalt oxide powder is power battery materials and fuel cell materials, will be the focus development. With the massive nickel project and the implementation of China's macroeconomic regulation and control, in 3 ^5 years, there will be showed up nickel market supply and demand balance and even excess inventory.


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