Development prospect of castor industry

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Castor belongs to Euphorbiaceae, has alias like kenaf, ricinus communis, castorbeans, castor-oil plant and so on. Castor was originated from eastern Africa, later incoming from Asia to Americas, finally spread to Europe. 

Chinese castor was imported from India,Guest Posting now has been over 1,300 years planting history. Castor is a temperate zone annual, tropical perennial herb, distributed across China, the northeast, north China acreage are more concentrated.


Castor is thermophilic, has drought resistance, barren resistance, saline-alkaline tolerance, the adaptability and stress resistance are strong. Castor's root system is developed, in addition to field planting, also can take advantage of houses around, farms and limes marginis, barren wasteland and other places to plant it. Field planting, as long as scientifically manage can achieve significant economic benefits. Castor product development is versatile, high economic value, utilization prospects are widely. Castor oil has a wide range of uses and high economic value, the United States has already taken castor oil as one of the six strategic materials.


The oil content of castor beans was up to 46% -56%, generally every 2.2-2.5kg castor beans can produce 1kg oil, which is other oil crops cannot match. Because of castor oil with the characteristics of high viscosity, high combustion point (not go bad, not burn at 500-600), low freezing point (at minus 18 would not freeze), high specific gravity and so on, castor become the only raw material to extract castor oil. Most of the products which obtained from petroleum can also be obtained from the deep processing of ricinoleic acid, thus castor is regarded as renewable "petroleum" resource, is currently the only one renewable green oil resource which can replace petroleum. With the rapid development of the aviation industry and the chemical industry, castor oil has been widely used in the aerospace and precision instruments advanced lubricants, brake oil and protective oils. In defense, chemical engineering and other industries also have more widely used. Resin pellets nylon 11 which synthesized by castor oil as raw materials is a popular product in the currently international market, widely used in automobiles, ships, machine tools, construction, medical and other industries. United States, Western Europe and other industrialized regions and countries use castor oil to generate chemical derivatives, now it has been reached more than 3000 kinds of species, for example surfactants, plasticizers, stabilizers, nylon, polyurethane, coatings, adhesives, lubricants, grease, brake oil, medicine, food, cosmetics material, anti-rust agents and other additives. The esterification produced methyl ester, butyl acetate, the major raw material of producing lubricants, plastics, cosmetics, detergents and the like. In castor oil fatty acid composition, there are nearly 90% of ricinoleate, if through detoxification treatment, can produce healthy salad.


Castor cake is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, is a kind of good organic fertilizer, after high temperature detoxification can be used as proteins feed for breeding livestock, superior to other dregs of cake. Castor leaves are rich in nutritions, the best castor silkworm rearing. Castor leaves also can be extracted chlorophyll. Castor bark is rich in fiber, can be used for the raw material of papermaking and rayon. Castor root also contains ricinine and toxalbumin, can be used as biological insect-resist agents. Castor shell can produce activated carbon.


According to the survey, the international market demands for more than 10 million tons of castor every year, but the production is only about 2 million tons, the gap is very large. With the depletion of the world's petroleum resources, castor oil used as bio-energy is an inevitable trend, castor will become the important "energy crops", castor beans and castor oil demand will be rapidly expanded. The development prospects of castor industry will be very bright.


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