Device Lockdown & More Ways to Secure Corporate Data on BYOD

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Increased use of mobile devices at work has raised the level of data security concerns that can be tackled with device lockdown & other solutions as discussed.

Loss of a mobile device or data loaded on it is a terrible experience,Guest Posting be it for your personal or professional use. Various solutions like Device Lockdown are available to help you prevent unauthorized access to your device, even if your smartphone is lost or stolen.

Solutions range from simple on-board apps to prevent a theft, locate a lost device to professional ones like mobile device management for enterprises. However, if you want to cut out all the risks associated with the loss of your device or data, some foolproof ways are discussed here:

Complete Device Encryption: You can encrypt your Android device in almost no time, and enable a strong protection layer for your data. Though the method might fail if a computer scientist or a professional hacker steals your phone, but any other common person would need the encryption code to use your phone or tablet.
Risks & Rewards: Encryption does make it harder to use your device without your permission, you can lose access to your data on forgetting the encryption code. This security key helps you keep prying eyes at a distance, preventing your data from any misuse.

Create Regular Backups at Multiple Locations: Data backup is the fundamental approach to prevent data loss. And, if you are backing up to only one machine or device, chances of data loss risk are still there. Prefer creating a backup on a device other than your primary machine, and choose an off-site backup to ensure complete data protection. You can choose from multiple available options like an external hard drive or a cloud storage.
Risks & Rewards: A backup created on the same, primary machine carries the same risk as the original data. Though backing up on a separate physical drive is less risky, an off-site backup is preferred. Cloud backup offers an important solution, in case your primary storage breaks or fails due to any reason.

Enable 2-step Authentication: A new security buzzword, 2-step authentication is a great solution to ensure secure access to corporate email, social, and other accounts. Most of the email and social media service providers allow the use of 2-step security to prevent any unauthorized access to your accounts, even if someone gets to know your password.
Risks & Rewards: The solution is practically risk-proof unless you lose your device as no one can access your accounts without having access to both your password and smartphone.

Use a Device Management Solution: Though Android offers pre-installed Android Device Manager, but it offers quite limited functionality like tracking location, device lock and raising an alarm. But managing enterprise mobility takes much more than this, like managing access to data and apps on device, sharing required resources, managing security measures, and much more.
In order to meet all such needs, a professional device management solution offers multiple features like device lockdown, real time tracking & management, remote configuration, and more. Thus, a complete mobility management covers managing all the aspects of mobile devices used at a workplace, helping enterprises ensure advanced security of corporate data and ensuring enhanced productivity.
Risks & Rewards: Deploying an efficient device management solution has no notable risks, where all you can reap is rewards of enhanced data security and employee productivity, along with the easy management of mobile devices being used at multiple geographic locations.

So, if you are willing to secure your personal device, you can choose any of the above solutions. Since every solution has its own risks and rewards, you need to consider both, in order to find the one that delivers best to your needs.

Advanced smart devices have significantly developed, leading to a rise in mobility, with their penetration across the corporate world. The changing BYOD behavior hints at increasing use of personal devices, by employees, to access enterprise data, and a challenge for business leaders to, either adapt to it, or get outpaced by competitors.

Though data encryption, 2-step authentication, and data backup can help secure data, a professional Enterprise Mobility Management solution ensures business productivity as well. In order to find the best match to your mobility needs, opt for the solution provider with an experience of serving similar clients. And, for the solution, compare different options available in terms of their features, price, and usability to get the best match for your business needs.

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