DialResults and Datamanagement Services Merge

Dec 24


Richard Logan

Richard Logan

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From: Richard Logan November 19, 2003 3:27 ... RE: Press Release ... ... Inc. and Data ... ... announce merger. ... I


From: Richard Logan November 19,DialResults and Datamanagement Services Merge Articles 2003 3:27 PM

Subject: RE: Press Release
DialResults, Inc. and Data Management Services
http://www.data-man.com announce merger.

DialResults, Inc., a leader in the predictive dialer arena, announced today a merger with Data Management Services, a provider of custom software, database development as well as Microsoft® Products.

MESA, ARIZONA – November 21, 2003 – DialResults, Inc., a leader in the Predictive Dialing / Call Center industry, announced today the merger with Data Management Services, who provides custom software and database development using Microsoft® technologies –.Net, SQL Server, ASP.Net, Visual Basic, and Access. They also provide Microsoft® Business Solutions Software. The merger will strengthen both companies’ customer service base as well as increase the types of products they offer. While at the same time, decrease overhead by combining resources and office space.

“It’s not very often you come across two companies who’s core values, work ethic, integrity and energy are so amazingly compatible,” commented Dennis Robbins, DialResults’® President and CEO. “We are very excited about what this merger will mean to our customers as well as to our ability to reach other markets formerly out of the realm of what we offered.”

DialResults is a certified reseller of Dell® computers and Data Management Services is a certified Microsoft® reseller. They also provide Microsoft® Business Solutions – Solomon and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). With the combination of these two resources this new collaboration will provide for a broad based coverage of what both companies’ customers look for when seeking hardware and software solutions.

About DialResults®

DialResults® was conceived out of pure frustration with the lack of customer support in the call center industry. Combining their decades of experience, DialResults® developed a product based on technical expertise and backed by solid customer service. The fully FTC compliant, intuitive Web Agent Predictive Dialers software comes with nearly double the customer support of the closest competitor.

About Data Management Services

Data Management Services (DMS) is a division of a privately held corporation, Data Technologies Corporation, founded in 1979, and headquartered in Mesa, Arizona. Currently providing software and database support to clients throughout the Southwest. Their strength lies in their ability to understand business processes from concept to reality. Their developers have 100-combined years of hands-on application development experience. The team consists of Microsoft® Certified Professionals, Developers, Architects, and Designers. These technical capabilities qualify them to be able to quickly analyze and thoroughly implement business applications for clients.