Digital Marketing Trends You Must Consider For Your eCommerce Business In 2020

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Know Which Digital Marketing Trend You Can Consider for Your Business in 2020, Explore to Find Smart Marketing Tactic to Boost Your Business Expansion.

The marketing trends are evolving continuously,Guest Posting hence it becomes essential for businesses and marketers to stay updated with the present market. Staying aware of the changes can help them to leverage competitive edges. Marketers and businesses need to make sure that they leverage the use of the latest tools and technology, which helps them to boost the success of their business and helps them to stay ahead in the market. This modern technology will provide effective ways to gain a competitive edge and generate more leads by improving their relationships with their prospective customers.

According to the report, e-commerce sales are estimated to reach around 3.53 trillion US dollars, while the e-retail revenue is projected to reach around 6.54 trillion US dollars by the end of 2022. Online shopping has gained huge popularity among customers these days as almost all people prefer to go online to make a purchase these days. Hence it becomes essential for businesses to find effective ways to reach them in real-time, and how can they do that? It's so simple by paying attention to the latest marketing trends, which helps them to reach their targeted customers in no time.


Top Marketing Trends You Must Consider For Your Business In 2020

Due to a highly digital landscape and ever-evolving technologies made businesses think about what they must try to leverage competitive edges in today's competitive market. Many businesses are already making use of modern technologies and new tactics to leverage more from their marketing efforts and to stay at the forefront of their consumers.  

When it comes to staying ahead in the present market, then it becomes quite difficult for businesses. Some of the businesses wonder how they can get the spotlight for their business in this competitive market, then they need to understand that if they want to stay ahead in the game, then they need to keep up with modern technology and marketing trends. There are numerous digital marketing trends which any of the businesses can take into consideration, especially when it comes to leveraging competitive edges in 2020.


Voice Technology

Voice technology has created a huge buzz in the market these days, it has entered in each and every aspect of people's lives. Google has introduced new guidelines for businesses, these guidelines represent how business entrepreneurs can include text content, thus organizations need to optimize their content for voice searches. Voice technology has proven as a boon for almost all the businesses as it helps them to reach a large audience base worldwide.

And when it comes to staying ahead in the present market, then using voice technology can prove to be the perfect option as it provides numerous advantages to businesses. Ecommerce marketing trends are highly dependent on voice assistants as most of the people prefer to use this technology, starting from search restaurant to hospitals to songs, everything can be done with voice search, therefore it becomes quite essential for businesses to consider this technology while planning a digital marketing strategy for their business.


Social Shopping

Social shopping has increased to a great extent during the present day, now people do not use social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or any other to talk with friends and families. They are making use of it for various purposes, including shopping from their favorite brands or any other brand having their presence on social platforms.

According to Pew Research's recent report, around 69% of adults between 50-64 while around 40% of those people above 65 use one or other social media platforms, moreover around 41% of Facebook users belong to the age group of 65. Adults people whom you are thinking of targeting are using social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and many more. Thus it becomes vital for you to understand the power of social media, especially when it comes to reaching your prospective customers in lesser time.


Mobile Devices

Today almost all the people in the world are making use of smartphones. According to a report, the number of smartphone users has increased dramatically in recent years, it is estimated that this number has reached around 7.26 billion by 2020. Even the entire business market is operated through mobile these days as more and more customers prefer to make a purchase from their smartphones. Thus brands that want to hit market segments need to pay attention to enhancing their presence on mobile devices.

And when it comes to having a presence on mobile devices, then businesses can consider developing a customized app solution for their business. They can even invest their penny on ready-made app solutions like a foodpanda clone or any other advanced solution that helps them to enhance their presence on mobile devices. 

Mobile eCommerce is one of the vital trends which needs to be taken into consideration, especially when it comes to eCommerce marketing. As more customers are attached to mobile devices, it will be preferable for businesses to consider Mobile eCommerce or M-Commerce for their business.


Smarter Chat

The use of AI-driven Chatbots has increased during the last few years. Report by Grand View Research shows that more than  45% of customers these days love to have interaction with Chatbots, especially when it comes to leveraging customer service. Chatbots helps businesses to provide their customers with an enhanced customer experience, which helps them to engage and attract more customers towards their brand.  

Businesses entrepreneurs need to consider integrating real-time assistance as it helps them to provide effective support to customers and helps them with proactive interactions, which help to ask any of the questions and understand real-time problems of each and every individual. Thus business entrepreneurs need to consider integrating chatbot with their business website, it helps them to provide their customers with enhanced experience whenever they demand.



New technology and trends are launched in the market with each passing day, thus it becomes vital for businesses to stay up to date with the latest marketing trends, which helps them to stay ahead in the competitive market. It might help them to enhance their business sales, profit, customers, and much more in a very lesser time. Thus to leverage competitive edges, it becomes essential for businesses to consider opting for digital marketing trends for their business.

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