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Direct.com launches an easier and faster way for customers to checkout

October 8th,Guest Posting 2010, DinoDirect.com introduced its latest Gift Card, Dino Card, for customers to checkout in a simpler way. Unlike the former gift card, the Dino Card enables the customers finish the payment much faster and safer. What’s more, it can save more money. So far, the total sale of Dino Card is reaching to US$20,000, and received more than 700 people’s positive feedback.

Dino Card is a kind of prepaid card, not a rechargeable card, launched by DinoDirect.com. The card holder can use it to buy any product, even the discounted one, on Dinodirect.com by entering card number and password during checkout. Once the customer buy Dino Gift Card, the Card number and password will be delivered to his or her Email inbox in minutes.

Compared with the former gift card, the latest Dino Card has a more attractive image from the appearance which makes it lovelier. It has four types’ cards with three different value levels. They are $20, $50, and $100 for common Dino Card and Holiday Card, and $50, $100 for Birthday Card and Wedding Card. Every type’s cards have three different models with different images on it. For example, the common Dino Card, there are dancing shirts, family, and spring outing models, while the Birthday Card has cake, balloon, and birthday colors models.

As for the discounts of the new card, they are much more attractive. The discounts for the three different value level’s cards are 2%, 3% and 5% respectively. That means, customers can spend much less money for the same prices’ items if they using Dino Card to pay.

Another advantage of Dino Card is its simple checkout process. For many customers, they often meet such situations, like their computers will crash when they add the item to the cart and start to pay, or the web page will goes die when they are doing the payment. These situations will easily cause payment failure or duplicate payment. It is no doubt bringing much troublesome for the customers, and waste their time and money.

Therefore, the launch of DinoDirect.com’s new payment method, Dino Card, will eventually solve customers’ trouble in checkout. In addition, it can save their money and time. This is why more and more customers prefer to choose Dino Card as the primary checkout method.

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DinoDirect.com is a leading online store committed to becoming the best reliable marketplace on the net by offering superior customer services, worldwide shipping and wide products selection.

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