Do Consumers Need a Fast Mortgage Payment Coach?

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Fast Mortgage Freedom requires a clever plan of action for success. Just as Boxers and athlethes in Sport, our President in war, would seek no coaching advice from their rivals Why do we ask our Banker to be our Coach in the struggle for Mortgage Profits?

Had you started your mortgage payments 30 years ago you could be just paying it off today. What if I tell you that a Fast Mortgage Payment Coach would help you to finish paying your mortgage in 15 instead of 30 years? With good coaching,Guest Posting your mortgage payments should have ended shortly after the Seoul South Korea Olympics. That's about the same time that the famous Sprinter, Ben Johnson’s career as the fastest man in the world ended through choice of Coach. Then, the Olympic Gold Medalist, Carl Lewis, his arch rival, took over. From the Atlanta Georgia Olympics until today you would have made unnecessary payments on your mortgage. That's about fifteen years or so. Like the slaves of XIXth Century America, FOR 15 YEARS, you went to work and handed huge chunks of your Pay cheques to your loving Banker!! In fact, you wait in line to give away these excess mortgage payments!Around thirty years ago, April, 1977, all American eyes were glued to the TV sets night after night watching episodes of Roots. The author, Alex Haley re-created the agony and economic slavery of African Americans from the XVIIIth to early XXth Century. National Heroes like Dr. Martin Luther King a Super Coach, freed all America, “White and “Black” alike of that scourge. Unfortunately, unknown to you and many others, a financial slavery still shackles millions of American household budgets with mortgages debts, credit and loan payments. Economic Slavery is not an issue of race.

Please don’t shoot the messenger so fast…. The news is not good. So at least wait for the whole message. Fast forward to today!Imagine this. You are driving behind your Friend on the City Streets when you observe Dollar Bills flying out the car window. You pick the dollars up planning to return them. When you arrive at your Friend’s house you tally the amount. That was actually $800.

00 Dollars. Will you tell your Friend? Or will you keep the Money?Would you coach your Friend to stop the regular, wasted, cash out flow, or would you refuse to help if you knew your Friend was negligent in securing HER/HIS Cash? Paying your Mortgage by following the Bank's Plan is to give away that kind of money FREE to the same Lender. And you do this MONTH AFTER MONTH AFTER MONTH. The problem is you trust YOUR BANK to be your Coach and you usually have little faith and trust in any other professional from the mortgage business. But, you must first believe before you can trust. But at least the dialogue has started.

Could you ever imagine our kind and fatherly President George W. Bush in consultation with the elusive Osama Bin Laden, seeking coaching advice on how to win the war in Iraq? Well….. Hmmm. That is exactly what we do with our current Mortgage Payment Plans. We ask the Loans Officer to create our mortgage payment coaching plans for us. Then, we would go home determined that for the next 30 years (maybe 25 years with the bi-weekly mortgage payment), we would work our behinds off - AND OUR SPOUSE’S BEHIND TOO -to pay what the Banker said and how the Banker directed us to pay.

Don’t feel bad. All Mortgage Holders generally follow a similar coaching plan. Which Consumer is expected to have specialized knowledge on Mortgages anyway? Friends. This is a quiet fight for at least $250,000.00 of EXCESS PROFIT, hidden in your Mortgage Payments. A very wealthy Ex-Canadian, now American Citizen and finance Wiz Kid, Dr. Albert Lowry wrote about it in his book Hidden Profits in Your Mortgage. You don’t even know that you are engaged in a Catfight with your Banker for every Penny of those $250,000.

00 of EXCESS PROFITS. So you, like the Great Olympics, Gold Medal Boxer Mohammed Ali, would go to Joe Frazier for coaching advice before their fight: This is the sports scene. It is played out in every mortgaged home in the United States of America and Canada too:

“Hey Joe”, says Mohammed Ali to Joe Frazier… “Gimme some Coaching Tips on how to win in that fight we will broadcast on TV next month!”For a brief moment, Joe Frazier would think that Mohammed Ali was still suffering from too many Rope-a-Dope Bouts in the ring. But Joe, the crafty Boxer that he is, would advise his arch rival….. He’ll say:

“Well Mohammed It’s all about the diet…. That exercise stuff your Trainer talks about? Don’t worry about that so much!!!! Just listen to my advice very carefully. Be sure to follow a strict fluid Diet for the last TWO WEEKS before our fight. …. Take Fluids only, remember now F L U I D S - O N L Y!! Then the day before our fight, be sure to allow yourself a treat….. Take a generous helping of your favorite chocolate laxative. Two Hours before our fight, you must have no less than six of them…. ..

OK, S I X!!”Such would be Joe Frazier’s coaching advice to Mohammed Ali.

If Mohammed Ali had indeed taken too many blows to the head from Leon Spinks, he would follow Joe’s advice and we all know what the outcome would be.

That is a funny image from the Sport of Boxing, which, unfortunately summarizes how over 45% of all Consumers plan to pay their mortgage. Another 45% of Mortgage Consumers have no plan at all. No one told them that their Mortgage Payments should be the subject of a detailed plan. Now, you know you need a mortgage payment coach.

The Lender in a Mortgage is entitled to a fair return on the money. What you may think is that the 5% Interest charge should result in a fair profit of about $40,000.00 or so to the Lender if you follow a smart mortgage repayment plan. What you may not know is that the same 5% charge usually delivers an EXCESS PROFIT of the $250,000.00 on top of the $40,000.00 mentioned above. The $250,000.00 is EXCESS PROFIT which most Borrowers without a coach, now pay needlessly.

Consumers pay dearly from a lack of knowledge. For your mortgage repayment plans, you must seek out a specialized mortgage payment coach for an action plan to save yourself and your family years of unnecessary payments. In all matters of finance, knowledge is power.

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