Frustraded with not losing weight? Fitness plateau busters revealed

Apr 29


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Are you frustrated and stopped losing weight? If so, you need to read this article.


There are several small things that you can do to break your weight loss plateaus. I'll reveal 3 of them: 1. exercise 2. nutriton 3. motivation

1. Exercise

Perhaps your tired of the same fitness routine and tired of taking the same fitness classes. Have you ever considered fitness boxing? It's known to burn about 800 calories per hour. What you want to do is shock your body because it has adapted to the exercise stress that it currently receives. Fitness boxing is fun,Frustraded with not losing weight? Fitness plateau busters revealed Articles different, and feels like a breath of fresh air. The punches you land are like contractions on your arms creating a resistance training affect. The rotations you do while punching is working out your core so you get that benefit as well.

2. Nutrition

It's time to clean out your cabinets. Clean out all the processed sugars. Look out for these ingredients: high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, maltose, fructose, sucrose, and some companies might be so bold to simply state sugar. If these ingredients are the first several ingredients (first 3) then chances are this food is loaded with processed sugar. Substitute with natural sugars such as fruit sugars, evaporated cane juice, and honey. As long as the sugar is not highly refined.

3. Motivation

Are you a bad person? Chances are you will say no. When you eat unhealthy and you refer your behavior as being bad how does that make you feel? Not good I bet. When you use words such as good and bad to refer to your dietary habits you are judging your behavior. When you eat "bad" you judge yourself and say that you are bad. Your motivation and self-esteem goes down. What you simply did was eat unhealthy. The goal is to stay on track with healthy foods. For your sake don't judge yourself and say that you ate "bad". You're not a bad person. We are all going to make unhealthy choices. Your strength is going to be measured to how fast you get back on track.

Ok, there you have 3 plateau busters revealed. Implement them into your fitness and weight loss routine today. Visit my site for more information:

No sweat.

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