Earning Money on Affiliate Program

Jul 29




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Affiliate Program is a popular Internet marketing model; you can do business through it. And this article is about how to join in Nbeads Affiliate Program, and what you can get from it.

With the development of the search engines at indexing pages,Earning Money on Affiliate Program Articles it is becoming more apparent than ever that you’ll have to be savvy in order to make one of the best business ideas work. Affiliate Program has become one of today’s most popular trading techniques .You’ll find that this is something just like commission based sales, and you will have to market certain products, services, and links to an audience in hopes that they click through your suggestions and then purchase something on the other end. You can make rich commission through affiliate program. And maybe Nbeads Affiliate Program is a good choice for you.
Nbeads Affiliate Program is about display advertising on affiliate members ’blogs, articles or other online pages in form of anchor text or banner to promote products and enhance market influence of Nbeads. In return affiliate members can earn generous commission on base of visitors ’valid purchase.
1. How to join the Nbeads Affiliate Program
In order to enroll, applicants please sign up in on our page and submit a complete and accurate Program application and offer related documents.
2. How to receive sales commission
The commission will be transferred to your PayPal account. Besides, please make sure that your PayPal account is individual instead of company.
3. The Rights and Obligations for Affiliate Members
Affiliate members shall avoid of confusing or misleading consumers. Affiliate members shall not do any commercial activities or advertising in the name of Nbeads, or release false or misleading information under the guise of affiliate cooperation.
4. The Sales Commission Settlement and Payment
First, sales commission shall be paid to affiliate members according to sales brought by affiliate cooperation.
Second, the commission amount is calculated monthly according to statistics from actual order sum amount brought by effective purchases on Nbeads. (i.e., net value from total amount of orders deducting item discount, transport costs, commission fee and other extra charges)
Third, commission Rate is calculated in the following way:
(1) Under USD 500, 5% Commission Rate
(2) USD 500 (including500) – USD 1000, 6% Commission Rate
(3) USD 1000(including 1000) – USD 500, 8% Commission Rate
(4) Above USD 5000(including5000), 10% Commission Rate
Fourth, sales commission shall be settled in the last day of each month and be transferred into cash account of affiliate members. And Sales commission would be paid by Nbeads through PayPal.
This is just a brief introduction of Nbeads Affiliate Program, if you are looking for more information about it, just click on the link in my author information . Welcome to cooperate with us, exceptionally high commission is waiting for you.