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The rhinestones are beloved by people for centuries. The majority are Czech drilling, Austrian Swarovski drill. They are mainly used in jewelry design. 

Do you like rhinestones? How much do you known them? Now let’s enter the world of rhinestones. Rhinestones are known as artificial crystal glass. This material is popular among people for its inexpensive and diamond-like visual effect. And they are used in mid-range jewelry design. Because they lie in the Rhine’s north and south sides,Guest Posting so they are called rhinestones. There are different kinds of rhinestones in the area of Rhine. The Northern shore rhinestones enjoy a good gloss for intense sunshine and adequate absorption, and they are called Austrian Swarovski drill (abbreviated Austria drilling).While the South Bank has weak sunshine intensity is not very adequate absorption of the sun, so the Southbank's rhinestones are called Czech drilling. The world's best rhinestones are produced from the Rhine natural crystal rhinestones.The difference between these two kinds of rhinestones also lies in the following. Austrian Swarovski rhinestones have high refractive index and there is deep feeling in the height of the prism for its more than thirty cut surfaces. They can maintain lasting gloss for their strong hardness, so they are the leader in the diamond. Czech rhinestone show better refraction and dazzling light because their diamond cutting surfaces are generally ten more, and their hardness is also strong, but the gloss was only maintained about three years.In addition, there are other common rhinestones in the world, namely, Middle East drill, domestic drill as well as Korea drill. The first two kinds are manufactured to meet the market in low-cost, and the quality is lower than the Czech rhinestones. While genuine South Korea drill is brighter than the so-called "Czech drill" as it passes through the lateral polishing processing. It looks very bright and enjoys a good transmittance.Rhinestones have been playing an important role in rhinestone costume jewelry for centuries. They are used to beautify, decorate costumes, and sometimes they can become the entire design center. As early in Victorian times, the jewelry designs include ordinary snake and flower-shaped, while the people often wore rhinestone jewelry.In the English King Edward period, people began to advocate a life of luxury, and naturally focused on diamonds and pearls .Rhinestones was once again widely used (usually used as fake diamonds).Starting in the 1920s, the jewelry entered into the art deco period. Most rhinestone jewelries were made of glittering and translucent Rhinestones.In 1953, aurora borealis rhinestones broke into the market with their bright colors, and were all the rage.Nowadays, there are various rhinestone styles, and they almost can meet everyone's needs. Regardless of the beautiful bride, prom woman, young and lively girl, or capable professional women, sophisticated and graceful women are all able to find their own very suitable own rhinestone jewelry .Almost every woman will be accompanied by the beautiful decorations in rhinestones.The world of rhinestones is wonderful, do you agree?

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