Efficacy and roles of the musk

Apr 24


David Yvon

David Yvon

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Musk is a natural spice and belongs to one kind of the animal spices. It is mainly distributed in northeast China, north China and Shanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Sizhou Tibet,


Musk is got by the drying of male scent glands of deer musk sac secretions. It is an advanced spice. If putting a little bit in the room,Efficacy and roles of the musk Articles the room will full of fragrance. Musk is not only pleasant aroma, and long-lasting fragrance. The musk used in China, has a long history. Musk R-1 is an important raw material for the preparation of high-level flavor, the ancient writers, poets, painters add a little fine musk compound musk, made of musk ink writing, painting and aromatic quiet. If the calligraphy and painting properly sealed, it can be stored for a long time in corrosion moth.

Musk can be used for closed card coma. Musk is mild with heavy smelling and take channeling is very strong. Its refreshing roles are used in the refreshing drugs. It is suitable for closed card coma, regardless of cold closed, hot closed. Both of them have efficiency. Treatment of febrile disease heat trap pericardium, phlegm blinded by hot closed-minded manner, convulsions in children, and stroke sputum coma often compatibility bezoar, borneol, cinnabar and other drugs to form the cold open of the agent, such as angongniuhuang pill treasure, bezoar hold; faint governance stroke and death, the evil full chest and abdomen pain cold cloud or phlegm blocking the breath machine, blinded by the cold of the gods closed coma, often compatibility storax, sandalwood, benzoin, and other drugs can composed of temperature open agent, such as the storax pill.

Musk can be used in sore swollen poison, sore throat. The product has well spicy and can produce new blood. The oral and topical taking all has good effect. Governance sore swollen poison, often associated with realgar, frankincense and myrrh with the use, namely wake Pills, or with the use of the bezoar, frankincense, myrrh; cure sore throat, compatibility with the bezoar, toad, pearls, such as the liushen pill.

Musk for blood stasis and amenorrhea, confidants violent pain, bruises, wind musculoskeletal, and other cards. It can be opened to take channeling viable blood stasis, open meridians pain to pass through once a week, 2 weeks course of treatment, results were satisfactory; governance arthralgia pain, stubborn unhealed, and independent living, clematis, loranthaceae rheumatism medicine. The musk is also used in childbirth, stillbirth, afterbirth, no less. This product promoting blood circulation, and there gave birth to the next tire effect. It is often becoming a casual with cinnamon for fine chemicals suppliers.

In addition, modern clinical reports that artificial musk tablets orally or artificial musk aerosol can be used in treatment of angina pectoris. And they all have achieved good effects. The angina pectoris paste made of musk from the musk, pig tooth soap, Angelica is spreads in the sore spot of the precordial and heart points. It can treat coronary heart disease and angina. Musk injection in subcutaneous injection can be used in treatment of vitiligo. And the result is markedly. Musk buried or musk injection therapy using for liver cancer and gastrointestinal tumors of the esophagus, stomach and rectum can improve symptoms and enhance diet. It also has a certain effect on olio paralysis.Source:http://www.mhcfm.com