Electronics Wholesaler Ankaka Releases New Series Of GSM Security Camera

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Your home may be more vulnerable at night so having the crisp look of this quadband GSM alarm system is important to providing absolute safety all around.

Wireless Quadband GSM Alarm Home Security Camera with PIR DetectorFor the many of those out there who are constantly losing their property all of a sudden but do not know why,Guest Posting the wireless quadband GSM Security Camera for home security is the best solution available to protect your personal belongings and hard earned property from being taken. Keeping thieves away is important to keep you, you family, and your assets safe so investing in a GSM Security Camera with PIR detector is a smart decision for you to make. The advanced and sharp technology of this system is the perfect bodyguard for your home and personal belongings and is versatile to maintain great function whether during the day or at night. With the integrated and intelligent GMS module built-in, this home security system support message and voice alerts to keep you updated. Besides answering incoming calls, it can dial and make calls as well, giving it great usability to make voice communication or have access to the voices that occur inside the house. This smart product incorporates full communication with the base and manages 7 text messages and 5 phone numbers. Keep your home safe with wireless PIR detector that is excellent in defending your home from unwanted and unwelcomed visitors. If a thief does come into the protected area, a siren on the GSM alarm camera for home security will go off with a loud notice to alert you while scaring off the culprit. This great function will keep potential robbers from attempting to come into your home after being scared off just for approaching too closely. The wireless quadband GSM security camera will record voices or send a message 10 seconds after the alarm goes off. Its frequency covers 850/900/1800/1900 bands which means that this home security system can be used around the world. While the wireless quadband GSM alarm system specializes in home protection, it can also do great benefits for your office, warehouse or other business. With the intelligent wireless GSM communication network, you can be alerted in an instant by means of a simple phone call or text message. The benefits you will receive from this great must-have technology are priceless and investing can make sure your most valuable property is completely protected. The home security system with PIR detector is innovative and has expert functions and features to exceed standard demands for an alarm home GSM security camera. It can only take one incident to lose close to everything so a great way to guarantee that you will be safe from theft or robbery is to have a reliable and advanced system that will work just as good at night as during the daytime, be your bodyguard while you’re not at home, and all at an affordable price. You will not regret getting the wireless quadband GSM alarm camera for home security for your valuable home.To find out more information on Ankaka's line of Wholesale Alarm Systems please check out this link: http://www.ankaka.com/Wholesale-alarm-systems_c10092

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