Electronics Wholesaler Ankaka Releases RF modulator AV TV signal converter

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AV Jacks are ports in TV which is connected by wires and brings more channels and programs in TV

RF modulator AV signal converter – for TV's having no AV JacksThe old fashioned TVs lack this AV Jack. So these TVs do not have more channels and programs and less entertainment. A product is made which is designed of these old fashioned TVs and hooked up with them to enhance channels and programs. This product converts the A/V indicator that comes with VCR's,Guest Posting DVD players, camcorders, and more to the RF indications to TV converter your old TV has. This conversion does not affect the quality of image by maintaining and no any disturbance in audio. So it maintains good image quality and distinct audio. As your TV lacks A/V input jacks, by using this converter, you can watch digital TV shows, watch DVD’s, and play games. It is practically applicable and very cheap, so every person can purchase this convertor easily. It receives RF to composite A/V signal convertor through transmission antenna and converts these signals to TV RF signals modulator. One thing important about this convertor is that this convertor retains obvious picture and sound quality so that you can enjoy more programs via antenna transmission on your TV. This antenna transmission is very clear and there is no interference. So this device is highly valuable to convert A/V signals to RF signals.The power supply of A/V-RF Converter is AC 220V±15% which is supplied to the convertor for its good work. Manufacturer specifications:According to manufacturer specification, Audio Carrier Frequency is 5.5MHz which is very good for this convertor. The Antenna input is 45- 1000MHz which is quite specific for transmission. A power supply of AC 220V±15% and power consumption is 1W. Input is 3 RCA (red, yellow, white) and Output is RF (antenna). The dimensions of convertor are 120 x 110 x 35mm. These specifications are more attractive for a person who wants to purchase it.Package list:The package of it contains one A/V-RF Converter – For TV's lacking of A/V jacks and one User Manual in English.The power consumption is very less so it is much efficient in its works. Transmission through antenna is good and does not affect the picture quality and sound quality. It brings transmission of different channels to your old TV via antenna. ?This convertor gives joy to you more than your expectance by bringing transmission of channels all over the world.This convertor is connected to the TV and an external antenna receives signals from out side and gives transmission of channels. This device is best for old fashioned TVs because it gives a new look to your old TV.Due to low cost, every person can purchase it and save himself from expanses of new TV. Practically it is installed to the TV to convert A/V signals to RF signals.In short, this is a very good device which convert A/V signal to RF signal in those TVs which lack AV Jacks. In this way, it entertains you by giving transmissions different channels with great picture and sound quality and no interruption in transmission.To find out more information on Ankaka's line of Wholesale Cool Gadgets please check out this link: http://www.ankaka.com/Wholesale-cool-gadgets_c10026

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