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Sep 28


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So how do you tell if a translation company is trustworthy? How do you know if they are doing a good job?


Do You Trust Your Translator?

If you are seeking English to Russian translation,English to Russian Translation  Articles the most important part of the relationship between you and your translation company is not what most people would guess.  It's not how high the translation company ranked on the Google results for *English to Russian translation.*  It's not how fast they can turn over your translation, nor is it even that they have the biggest company or the most well-known name in translations.  The most important thing is that you be able to completely trust that your translation company is providing you with the best quality translation possible.  

How Do You Tell?

Think about this.  Most services earn your trust when you judge it firsthand.  If you are content with the service, or are very happy with the job done, then you will probably go back to them.  Translation service is different, because even though you are getting a necessary service for your business, you are not able to judge how well a translation was provided.  Obviously if you spoke Russian fluently, you would not be seeking English to Russian translation for your business documents, contracts, or what have you. 

So how do you tell if a translation company is trustworthy?  How do you know if they are doing a good job?  

If you find that you have requested an English to Russian translation from a given translation service, and you hear nothing from them until you receive the completed translation, how do you know what you're getting is accurate, or professional – or even Russian translation at all?  The best indication that a translation company is trustworthy, is when they offer consistent and open communication during the course of all translation processes. 

 Communication Stations

As a rule, trustworthy translation companies provide you with some kind of project liaison that you can go to with questions, concerns, and any other necessary communication.  This typically does not include those that offer the Russian translator as the only so-called liaison.  This isn't that much better than no communication at all.  Of course the translator is going to reassure you that everything is fine, and that the translation is perfect. 

A 3rd party who acts as a mediator or liaison between the translator(s) and the client is the best method.  A project manager will be much more concerned about quality and the ethics of the translation company's  services, and act on your behalf to ensure the translator is providing prompt, accurate, high quality English to Russian translation.  This rule of thumb will significantly narrow your selection process for a translation company.  In order to narrow it even further, check to see if they invite or allow client feedback after translation completion.  This will help secure trust even further.  This means that the company is constantly looking for ways to improve their services for their clients – a very good quality for any business. 

Russian Translation Indeed

When you use English to Russian translation to open up and expand your target market, or even to correspond with Russian businesses, potential sales leads, or any other professional relationship - the image of your business will be affected according to the quality of your translated materials.   Communication with a Russian audience through marketing campaigns, brochures, a website, or any other source is dependent upon language.  Just like when you communicate to English speaking audiences, if the  language used is grammatically incorrect, misspelled, inappropriately worded, or inaccurate in any other number of ways, this will affect not only the image of your business, but also your sales or future interactions with that market.  When getting any kind of professional English to Russian translation, be sure that the translation company you employ allows and promotes communication during all translation projects and processes.  This is how you can be reassured that your translation is indeed what it should be.

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