The new BMW 3 Series will be introduced into China.

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while the short axis edition models continued driving advantage of the 3 Series models continue to meet the pursuit of the best model motion characteristics of consumer preferences.

BMW 3 Series brand-new sixth generation model in BMW-made,Guest Posting this is also BMW to introduce a domestic third-generation BMW models, but also will be first introduced on the history of the BMW 3 Series long-wheelbase Li models. May be in the global market for BMW and Audi to catch up, catch up soon not unrelated, as a direct competitor to the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 A4L long axis of the Edition models launched in China with great success. The latest generation of code F30 BMW 3 Series models introduced at the same time, BMW has also developed models of the long axis version of the code F35. However, the BMW 3 Series, after all, the entire ordinary BMW sedan models, the most representative models of the BMW driver's car, the longer wheelbase means that the original proud Driving advantage may disappear.

Consumers worry about it BMW has long been realized that the new generation 3 Series models in addition to domestic long wheelbase Li models, the original flavor of the standard wheelbase version 3 Series models will also be sold in the Chinese market , but will be imported instead of domestically. The long axis version of BMW models will focus on response to the Audi A4L models; while the short axis edition models continued driving advantage of the 3 Series models continue to meet the pursuit of the model motion characteristics of consumer preferences.

The overseas edition of the new generation of BMW 3 Series models include MODERN fashion, SPORT Edition and LUXURY version of the three different versions of the models before the models face, especially the details of the design of the bumper accordingly using three different package. Main products: car dvd player and in car camera, are with good quality. Import standard wheelbase version of BMW 3 Series spy photos from the exposure to the domestic judgment, this should be a 328i Sport Edition models. Because of its silver trim for the lower bumper grille design with fog lamps central flush.

BMW 328i configuration of the N20 single turbo twin-scroll turbocharged engine with direct fuel injection with dual-VANOS variable camshaft control system, the VALVETRONIC Electronic valve control system technology. So that maximum output power of the 180kw/5000-6500rpm maximum torque up to 350Nm/1250-4800rpm. Completely subvert our inertia judgment on the 2.0T engine performance. The six-speed manual transmission from cash BMW 3 Series used models to upgrade the ZF eight-speed automated manual gearbox, the configuration of the electronic gear selector is a feeling of BMW's high-end luxury cars.

In the fender on both sides of the edge, and below the exterior mirrors and rear, the new BMW 3 Series with five cameras able to fully monitor the status of the vehicle through the car's large center console display, the basic to achieve a better parking. The driver's electric seat even able to adjust the backrest surrounded on both sides to tighten and loose, which means according to the driver's body, as well as the individual needs to adjust the seats of the package, fully reflects the new car in sports pursuit.

Models of the same model imported cars in the selling price than the domestic version of the 5-7 million, so the higher configuration options such as driving mode-conditioning systems may be easier to import the standard wheelbase version 3 Series models.

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