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In any process, the journey is more important than the result. This is defied when it comes to travelling or sightseeing. Everyone seems to be quite ecstatic when it comes to going on a vacation or a retreat. 

But nobody quite likes the idea of planning it. It is a tedious process,Guest Posting which is being envisioned to be made simpler by QNET. They released a statement on March 7, 2013 to showcase QVI Points, their latest product. It’s a facility which will give travellers around the world a reason to smile.

Asia’s leading direct selling company has come up with this facility which is an easy-to-use holiday redemption product that will really iron out any difficulties which would be associated with trip planning. To begin with, the only thing required of you would be to purchase the QVI Points Privileged Access from the Qualify eStore, which will give you an access to its website. Breathtaking discounts and deals, complimentary stays, along with a certain amount of points come with this privileged access, with which you can redeem products and services from the website.

When you have these points, the world truly becomes a small place. It will help you to tailor your escape from boredom or stress right from when you enter the webpage. You can decide the entire itinerary on the fly, choosing when and where to go, then redeem with pre-paid points, and receive immediate confirmations on your reservations. Impulsive backpackers might not relate to this idea. But it always helps to have a schedule rather than relying on unforeseen circumstances. Who can predict the availability of hotel rooms, the flight plans, and the proximity of reclusive activities while you are planning to go on a trip? This is the fundamental question, which this esteemed company is trying to tackle.

Once your privileged Access is in place, you can buy extra points from the Repeate Store any time in exchange for the plethora of travel essentials and services enlisted on the website. You have the liberty to pick from an ever-expanding array of more than 140,000 stunning and plush vacation stays in hotels, resorts, condos, and even villas, across the globe. You can choose your recreational activity, book seats in cruises, and sign up for knowledge tours of the place, rent a vehicle and even purchase movie or theme park tickets, by just redeeming any of these possibilities with the help of your purchased points. And that’s it. Say no to queues and don’t ever break a sweat over planning your holiday!

A statement was issued by the company on June 25, 2013, which has really helped to put the customers at ease. Now they can buy a one-year-access for a special price of USD 99 to the website without the requirement to first purchase a QVI Points Privileged Access qualifying product from the eStore. This is an excellent opportunity for vacationers to grab on. The idea of a tour plan has been sort of galvanised with the advent of this facility. Next time when you are in need for an antidote to civilization and planning for a soothing retreat, you would be definitely thankful to this company for this product. 

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