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Finding a right pair of earrings is a time-consuming task, thus, give proper time to your research in order to find a pair that compliments your look.

As we all already know that diamonds are considered as a woman’s best friend as far as jewellery is concerned. The diamond jewellery helps them to feel like a bright shiny star and leaves a million dollar smile on their face. Well,Guest Posting when it comes to buying something for either your loved one or for your own self, there are a lot of things that are to be considered. Like, what style do you want, will it suit your personality, how much will it cost and of course, the very important 4 C’s? Similarly, if you’re looking for earrings or necklace for yourself, you have to take into account what works best for your face shape. Everyone is unique and something that works for your friend might not work for you. Thus, choose jewellery wisely that suits your face shape and your personality. While buying precious gemstone earrings for yourself make sure that you find earrings that match your face shape. Here are some tips to keep in mind in order to find earrings that’ll be a perfect match:

  • Earrings for an oval face

Oval shaped face is the one that has a wide forehead and cheekbones, narrowing down towards the chin. Most of the earring style suits this type of face cut but the oval-shaped dangling earrings and teardrop earrings looks particularly stunning on the people having such a face cut. They have to think much to finalise an earring style for them because all styles suit them, the only thing that can help them to choose the best one is their preference. Having a set design and style in mind will help you get the best pair of earrings for yourself.

  • Earrings for a round face

Round or circular faces are widest at your cheekbones. In such a face cut, the cheekbones do not taper down towards the chin and forms a proper circle. It is worth advising a person a person with round face to avoid round or hooped earrings because these earring styles will give your face much more wider look and of course no one wants this. Thus, try to look for a pair of earrings that can elongate your face style and gives you a distinct look.

  • Earrings for a heart-shaped face

As the name suggests, a heart-shaped face is the one that somehow resembles the shape of a heart. Such a face cut is having a broad forehead than the cheekbone and the cheek and then tapering down to the chin. A rare earring style out of many suits such a face cut and therefore, a woman with the heart-shaped face should wear chandelier, dangle, teardrop and other such earrings that can add a flawless grace to a woman’s beauty.

  • Earrings for a square-shaped face

A face with a square shape is the one whose forehead, cheek and jawline are of similar width. The woman with a square-shaped face has to struggle a lot while finding a best suited pair of diamond earrings for herself. Try focus on earrings that have rounded design, hoop earrings especially the oversized hooped earrings will work really well with a face having wider cheekbones and jawline. Also make sure that you avoid really wide earrings as this will further widen the look of your face.

  • Earrings for a narrow face

A narrow face is closely similar to a square shaped face but it looks more rectangular in shape. Thus, a woman with such a face cut should wear pear-shaped or cluster pearl earrings because such earring styles provide a great look to your personality. Also, you can prefer wearing long dangle earrings to minimise the length of the more rectangular shaped face.

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