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Allice S Lee

Allice S Lee

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PVC-U plastic pipe is made of those materials? What role they each play? PVC-U plastic pipe is PVC resin as the main raw material, adding a small amou...

PVC-U plastic pipe is made of those materials? What role they each play? PVC-U plastic pipe is PVC resin as the main raw material,fitting Articles adding a small amount of additive made through extrusion. Additives include: stabilizers, lubricants, colorants, and fillers. If you have special physical requirements, but also can increase the amount of modifier. But it will not be adding a plasticizer PVC-U plastic pipe manufacturing out how? PVC-U plastic pipe manufacturing process is: by computer processing, the PVC resin, a stabilizer, a lubricant, a colorant, a filler are kneaded, and then pumped into the hopper of an extruder, while heating, by the screw rotation, the raw material goes forward extrusion, so that gradually was melted plastics band, enter die for, extruded soft tubular products, and through the vacuum sizing, spray cooling, spray sign, traction cutting, expansion mouth and a series of processes to produce pipes. What are the main advantages of PVC-U plastic pipe have? A, quality of light: the density of the plastic tube is 1/5 of cast iron pipe, concrete pipe 1/3, you can set, easy to transport, easy installation, construction costs compared with traditional tube, could be reduced by 30% -50% cost. B, corrosion: Plastic pipes do not need any anti-corrosion treatment, it can be used as water pipes containing saline soil can be used for chemical pipelines conveyor acid, alkali, the nature of the medium. C, fluid resistance: plastic pipe roughness coefficient 0.008; cast iron pipe roughness coefficient is 0.013, concrete pipe roughness coefficient is 0.014. Long D, life: the life of cast iron pipe for 30 years, the service life of plastic pipes for 50 years, a plastic pipe is almost equal to two cast iron tube life. E, good hygiene performance: to prevent secondary pollution of water sources, and never fouling. Plastic pipe color appearance and inherent quality of what? We usually see a plastic pipe, mostly white, blue and gray, some say white plastic pipe non-toxic, poisonous gray plastic pipe, also suggested that the gray plastic tube is regenerated tube, do not want to use, in fact, the pipe is not poisonous toxic It depends on skin color, but on its intrinsic quality, so-called white color, blue color or gray color, is my company and the relevant provisions of the special needs of users, in the raw materials were added to the titanium dioxide, titanium or blue black, it produced a white, blue, gray pipes, as toxic or non-toxic and should depend on the internal pipe lead, cadmium, tin, mercury, vinyl chloride monomer content meets the standards prescribed by the State, as the general put gray plastic pipe as a regeneration pipe, which is unscientific, renewable source material tube varies, color mix, manufacturers must increase to the appearance of a certain number of colorants, deepen the color, dress appearance, or gray or black, but it does not conclude all gray, black plastic pipe that regeneration pipe. Plastic pipe afraid of cold? Buried deep more appropriate? Plastic pipe and steel pipe, cast iron pipe as in the construction, the top of the pipe should be more than 20 cm below the permafrost, because water freezes at 0 , minus 4  at maximum volume, then the volume expansion will occur, plastic Pipeline and other pipelines, as inevitably will rupture, so that even does not freeze in the South region, the general should take into account a variety of factors to suppress, load, farming, etc., so the relevant requirements depth 70 cm or less. Classification knowledge pipe 1, according to the production method of classification (1) seamless - hot-rolled tubes, cold-rolled, cold-drawn tubes, squeeze tubes, pipe jacking 2) pipe (a) according to process sub - arc welded pipe, ERW pipe (high-frequency, low frequency), gas pipe, stove pipe (b) by weld points - longitudinally welded pipes, spiral welded pipe 2, according to the sectional shape classification (1) simple section steel - circular steel pipe, square pipe, oval steel pipe, steel triangular, hexagonal steel, diamond steel, octagonal steel, semi-steel circle, other (2) complex section steel - equilateral hexagonal steel pipe, five plum-shaped pipe, double convex steel double concave steel, seedsShaped steel conical pipe, corrugated steel pipe, steel case, other. 3, according to the thickness of Education - thin-walled steel pipe, thick-walled steel pipe 4, according to use classification - pipeline with steel pipes, thermal equipment with steel pipes, industrial machinery with steel, petroleum, geological drilling steel, container steel, chemical industry steel, special-purpose steel, other. Basic terms of pipe structure wall pipe structured wall pipe consisting of a multilayer composite material structure and the wall to wall opening ribbed, closed rib collectively (hollow), and other special-shaped wall structure of the pipe. Shaped tube profiled wall pipe wall smooth inner wall, an outer wall is collectively spiral, circular or weep rib wall structure of the pipe. Double-wall corrugated pipe double wall corrugated pipe wall smooth, trapezoidal or curved outer wall corrugated ribs, between inner and outer walls of the hollow profiled wall corrugated pipe. Annular pipe annular ribbed pipe pipe wall smooth, ribbed outer annular shaped wall pipe. Ribbed tube helical ribbed pipe spiral pipe wall smooth, the outer wall of the ribs spiral, spiral winding process made by the profiled wall pipe. Flat wall pipe plain wall pipe outer wall of the inner wall of a homogeneous smooth wall pipe. Nominal diameter (DN) nominal diameter thermoplastic piping system calibration diameter pipe, a piping diameter, the size of the diameter or approximation. Ring to ring-bending stiffness bending stiffness measurement loop piping resistance to deformation ability. You can color test method or calculation value in units of N / m2 or KN / m2. Elastic deformation rate diameter pipe elastic diameter derormation rate external pressure loads, the former value and loading diameter vertical cross section of the elastic deformation of the wall of the central shaft diameter ratio. Expressed as a percentage, is determined by the flattening test. Nominal pipe nominal refers to the water pipe 20  operating pressure. If the water temperature between 25  -45  temperature drop coefficient should be different, modified work pressure. Working pressure is under normal operation of water supply pipeline in the inner wall of the maximum continuous operating pressure, excluding fluctuations in water pressure. Design pressure means the water supply pipeline system in the inner wall of the maximum instantaneous pressure. The general work pressure and residual water hammer pressure sum. Relationship between the three: ≥ nominal working pressure design pressure = 1.5 × working pressure working pressure pipe network hydraulic calculation derived from the PP-R pipes, pipe fittings PP-R knowledge introduction pipe, tube Features 1. Good softness PP-R pipes, pipe fittings easily deformed by squeezing, even if the deformation is not broken, and significantly reduce joint usage. 2. Corrosion-resistant, waterproof scale PP-R pipes, pipe fittings and chemical properties of the chemical elements can resist water erosion, while smooth inner surface prevents the formation of scale. 3. High temperature, high pressure PP-R pipes, pipe fittings withstand water at room temperature under a pressure of 45 kg / cm, the tube deformation temperature of 112 .4. Long life PP-R pipes, pipe fittings in line with international standards of the German DIN regulations, no aging, with more than 50 years of long life, almost semi-permanent product. 5. Construction is simple, rapid PP-R pipes, pipe fittings softness makes construction has become very quick and easy connection (connection with hot melt machine socket), safe and reliable. 6. Affordable As the construction is simple, and there is no contradiction between the impact and other projects, shorten the construction period, the construction cost savings of 60% than copper, with excellent economy. • PP-R pipes and fittings of use 1. Residential: cold houses, villas, hot water and heating use. 2. Public buildings: office buildings, markets, theaters, barracks and other public buildings and water radiant floor heating. 3. Transport installations: piping airport, bus terminal, car parks, garages, motorway. 4. Flora and fauna by: the zoo, botanical gardens, greenhouses, farm pipe. 5. Sports facilities with: cold swimming pool, sauna, and hot water pipes. 6. Sanitary: water supply, piping hot water pipe. 7. Other: Industrial pipes. What is a composite pipe? Composite pipe is a metal pipe as the basis, inside and outside the welding of polyethylene, cross-linked polyethylene and other non-metallic materials forming, with the advantages of metal pipes and nonmetallic tubing. There are currently on the market the more common plastic composite pipe, copper plastic composite pipe, plastic composite pipe, plastic composite pipe, steel skeleton of PE pipe. The following will be described only several common. ` plastic composite pipe. Plastic composite pipe is the middle layer of welded aluminum, both inside and outside a layer of polyethylene, bonded together by the glue layer of five pipes, polyethylene plastic pipe has the advantage of good corrosion resistance and high pressure metal tube, polyethylene plastic composite pipe according to different materials into two categories: for hot water in the crosslinked polyethylene plastic composite pipe and is suitable for cold water high-density polyethylene plastic composite pipe. Plastic composite pipe specifications for Φ14 ~ Φ 32, using clamping copper fittings link, mainly used for building water distribution manifold and heater tubes, more expensive. a plastic composite pipe. Plastic composite pipe is made of galvanized pipe wall thickness means certain UPVC plastic made, which also has the advantages of steel and plastic tubing. Pipe specifications for Φ15 -Φ 150. Copper fittings threaded coupling, using less water temperature is 50 , more buildings to be used as cooling water, more expensive. b steel skeleton PE pipe. PE pipe steel skeleton is high quality low carbon steel wire as reinforcing phase, high-density polyethylene as the matrix, through a network of steel wire and plastic extrusion filling simultaneously, on the production line continuous tension membrane forming a new double-sided anti-corrosion pressure pipeline. Diameter of Φ 50 ~ Φ 500, flange coupling, mainly used for municipal, chemical and oil pipeline network, more expensive. c plastic pipe. Plastic pipe in the pipe wall is thawed to a thickness of 0.5 ~ 1.0mm of polyethylene (PE) resin, ethylene - acrylic acid copolymer (EAA), epoxy (EP) powder, non-toxic polypropylene (PP) or without steel-plastic composite pipe toxic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other organic matter constituted, it not only has high strength steel pipe, easy connection, impact resistance, water, etc., but also to overcome the corrosive water pipe, pollution, fouling and plastic pipe strength is not high, defects and poor fire performance, the design life of up to 50 years. The main disadvantage is that can not be bent, thermal processing and cutting operations such as welding installation, the cut surfaces manufacturer with some non-toxic room temperature curing adhesive brushing. The main specifications are Φ15 -Φ 100. What is hard PVC UPVC pipe? Hard PVC pipe is PVC resin at a certain temperature to add lead, tin, radium, mercury and other metal compounds as a stabilizer melt together, pipes used for the first heavy metal precipitation. The Hague, Netherlands Waterworks for A, B, C, D several manufacturers of UPVC pipe lead for an hour dialysis experiment conditions:Steeltube length 4m, a flow rate of 0.67m / h, it can be seen from the experimental results, Lead precipitation amount over time, the concentration will be reduced, but the water temperature and pH have a significant impact on the amount of lead in dialysis, the pH is neutral, the minimum amount of dialysis; pH value decreases or increases will increase the pipe The amount of lead dialysis; the higher the temperature, the longer the water pipe network in residence time, the greater the amount of lead in dialysis. Construction UPVC pipe, pipe diameter from the Φ20 to Φ315, working pressure of 1.0 ~ 2.5MPa.