Difference of PSL1 and PSL2(API 5L)

May 31


Allice S Lee

Allice S Lee

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The API 5L has two standards, PSL1 and PSL2, which are very different from each other. I'll talk more about the differences between PSL1 and PSL2.  

The API 5L has two standards,Difference of PSL1 and PSL2(API 5L) Articles PSL1 and PSL2, which are very different from each other. I'll talk more about the differences between PSL1 and PSL2. API 5L is similar to GB/T9711, and PSL1 is equivalent to GB/T9711.1, PSL2 is equivalent to PSL2. PSL2 just needs to do some more subzero impact work. Domestic individual manufacturer said can do, is actually made of better material, structural steel pipe out self can pass the requirements on the feeling, but the factory's own levels and knowledge level is not high, not the ability to do relevant test is a serious of experiment report and PSL2 do special material. PSL2 sometimes customers want to do NACE, they want to do hardness and acid resistance, and that's a problem PSL is short for product specification level. The product specification level of the pipeline tube is divided into PSL1 and PSL2, which can also be said to be PSL1 and PSL2. PSL1 above PSL2, these two levels is not only different inspection requirements, and chemical composition, mechanical performance requirements are different, so the order in API 5 l, the terms of the contract in addition to indicate the specifications and grade of steel usually indicators, must also indicate the level of product specification, namely PSL1 or PSL2. PSL2 is strict on the chemical composition, tensile properties, impact work, nondestructive testing, etc. PSL1 does not require shock performance PSL2 all except x80 grade steel, full size 0  average Akv: longitudinal p j, 41 lateral acuity 27 j. Average grade X80 steel, full size 0  Akv: longitudinal 101 j, or lateral acuity 68 j. The carbon steel pipe should be tested for water pressure by branch, and the standard is not allowed to allow non-destructive generation of water pressure, which is also a big difference between API standard and the standard of our country. PSL1 does not require non-destructive testing, and PSL2 should be tested for non-destructive inspection.

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